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Mar 21, 2008 01:40 PM

Can't quite figure out Bouchon's reservation system

I am going to be in the area in late May and would like to go to Bouchon. As some of you may know, they are on Opentable. I carefully figured exactly when they start booking for the date I was wanting and, starting a few days before, started checking the prior days to see how difficult it was going to be to get a reservation. Strangely, as the farthest dates started opening, they never had a single reservation available at any time of day..... none. Ad Hoc, on the other hand, always had available reservations on the expected days.

I called Bouchon twice. The first time, about a month ago, I was told to call about two weeks prior to the date I wanted a reservation. Well, I knew this was bad information, so I called back this week. This time I was told they would start taking reservations for May "sometime around the end of this month".

Does anybody know the real story here? Any tips?

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  1. Eat somewhere else. It's really not worth all that effort.

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    1. re: Husky

      I agree completely. My wife and I had a very disappointing overall experience at Bouchon. The service was really quite bad and several of the dishes were over salted and poorly executed; while some of the food was excellent, it was all the raw bar items and there are better places to get that in the Bay Area.

      Are you only going to be in the Napa/Yountville area or are you visiting elsewhere?

      1. re: Husky

        Seriously. Go eat at Ad Hoc or Ubuntu instead.

        1. re: Morton the Mousse

          Yes, already got the Ubuntu reservations. Maybe Ad Hoc is the way to go.....

      2. You can always go right when they open and snag a place at the bar... That's what I used to do, having eaten there several times with nary a reservation.

        1. Whew. And I thought that the ordering system at the much-overrated Plutos was Byzantine... What a headache.

          I've eaten at Bouchon. It's good. But not uncommon. So I wouldn't sweat it.