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Mar 21, 2008 01:40 PM

state of gelato in new paltz/catskill area?

hello everyone, i am curious as to what the gelato scene (or lack thereof) is like in the aforementioned area...i live in LA, where we have the most amazing gelato place called scoops, and the proprietor, tai, makes new flavors daily using the freshest ingredients. he has flavors such as brown bread (made w grape nuts!), blueberry/coconut, oreo/mascarpone, vegan flavors, you get the drift. is there anything like this in the catskill area (and i know the catskills encompass a pretty big area, but i'm thinking more along the lines of rte. 28, in woodstock, phoenicia, etc., areas that are more heavily trafficked, or maybe around newburgh to new paltz) because i think a place like this would be a huge hit. now i know there are lots of good local ice cream places, and i for one loves me some stewart's when i'm back upstate (and my god, it's so cheap!), but think people in this area would definitely take to this...what do you all think? i guess i'm just tired of LA and miss NY, especially upstate, and i would love to open my own business although it's hard and i would need to go to school and all that (i'm pretty sure), but what an experience it would be...thanks so much!

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  1. i used to live in LA too - ooh I loved going to the fabulous 'al gelato' on robertson in bevery hills. So fun.

    good luck with your biz idea - I have not seen any gelaterias here in the hudson valley except I did notice the CIA recently started making gelato in their cafe, I would stop by there and chat them up:

    there was a fabulous homemade ice cream place here in new paltz for years - it was on the corner of main and chestnut until it was forced to move down the hill to a more out of the way location that just didn't work out. but it was very, very rich ice cream.

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      localvore, where/what is the ice cream place? i'm looking for very rich ice cream. thanks!

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        it was cookies 'n cream but it went out of business unfortunately. the reason i mentioned it was that we could use a real homemade ice cream / gelato place in new paltz. the best right now is Amy's Ice Cream which is sold at Wallkill View Farm on 299.

    2. There is a place, Chocolate Cheers, located in Kingston on Route 28 that makes their own gelato, ice cream, and homemade chocolates. Their ice cream was great, but I haven't tried their gelato. Their flavors didn't seem as exotic as the above flavors you've mentioned, though. They have typical flavors like raspberry, tiramisu, almond, etc.

      Chocolate Cheers
      875 Route 28
      Kingston, New York 12401

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        I was at Chocolate Cheers a few months ago and had a "taste test" of their gelato ice creams, complements of the owner. (I make it at home in my ice cream maker.) Most of them have a very pleasant flavor and I would recommend that anyone into gelato ice cream shoul make a stop.

        If you are coming from Kingston, it is on Route 28, about 2/3s of the way between the roundabout and the turn off to Woodstock. The building is on the left and is painted with very bright colors. If you pass the Catskill Mountain Coffee Company (organic coffee and roasted very well) on the right hand side, you've gone too far. (Having a cup of coffee and a dish of gelato is pure bliss.