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Mar 21, 2008 01:29 PM

Taiwanese or Chinese Style Beef Jerky recipe?

I just got a food dehydrator and thought one of the first projects could be to make some beef or turkey jerky. Does anyone know how to make the "fruit flavor" or "hot fruit flavor" type of beef or pork jerky that is popular in Taiwan and found in Chinese stores? It's sweet, a bit sticky, and very addictive. I'd also love to learn how to make the spicy beef jerky that has the powdery looking exterior. Thanks!

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  1. My uncle used to make Taiwanese beef jerky but he didn't use a dehydrator. Instead, he'd season the beef, let it marinade, then stir-fry it, and finally let it dry out in the oven at low heat.

    Sorry, but don't have a recipe.

    Good luck and enjoy your beef.

    1. your post made me think of thai fried sun-dried's kind of sweet and a little sticky as well...and so good. here are a couple recipes:


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        i did a little more research and realized the sun-dried beef wasn't exactly the one i was thinking of...the one that is sweet and sticky is thai heavenly beef..

      2. In case it wasn't clear what I meant, this is the type of stuff I had in mind:

        1. If you read Chinese, here is a link with very detailed instructions on how two make Taiwanese style beef jerky.

          Or you can order some from Formosa in IA. Recently got a pound of their spicy beef jerky and loved it!

          1. I have used to find any jerky recipe i am looking for. They have what seems to be millions of recipes that are searchable by: meat type, flavor, and even your preparation method.

            You should find everything you need there. I hope this helps! Making your own jerky isnt as difficult as people think it is.

            Good luck.