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Mar 21, 2008 01:27 PM

If you only had two months left in Boston...

Where would you make sure you eat? After Match Day yesterday, my wife and I learned that we'll be spending the next 5 years in NYC, starting in June. Certainly not a bad proposition for a Chowhound, but I still want to leave Boston with a bang.

I have a list of places in my head where I want to go. But I don't want to sway the hounds opinions one way or another. Given the very loose time constaints of 2 months, not worrying about budget (not that we're not worried, but I don't want that to hold anyone's suggestions back), where are the places you just couldn't leave Boston without eating at one more time?

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  1. I am actually in a similar situation (although I am graduate from graduate school and moving for my new position). My list so far includes both places I love and places I have been meaning to try and still have not yet been to, but want to try before I leave. My list is slightly skewed towards things that are not quite as good in my future destination of Minneapolis (cocktails, Italian, Thai).

    Meaning to try:
    Green Street
    Troquet (going here after my defense next week)

    Favorites for one last time:
    Eastern Standard (at the bar)
    Rod Dee
    Trattoria Toscana

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    1. re: LauraB

      King Fung Garden- scallion pancakes, steamed pork buns or peking ravioli or dumplings, shanghai chow mein
      Pizzeria Regina- the original in the North End
      L'Espalier- Monday Night Wine Club is wonderful
      Union- french toast, bacon, burger
      Radius- burgers
      Excelsior: lobster pizza
      Trattoria Toscana
      Stella (the scallops are my fave)
      Giacomo's: calimari and the gnocchi
      Oleana (sit on the patio)
      O Ya
      Oiishi (try the miso cod app- it is delectable
      )Franklin Cafe (turkey meatloaf!!)
      JP Licks
      Oak Room (bar nuts and ambience)
      Modern Pastry
      Flour: egg sandwiches, lemon ginger scones, any of the lunch sandwiches
      Sam La Grassa's: pastrami traveler's
      Silvertone: mac and cheese and other comfort foods

    2. Teatro for caesar salad
      Via Matta for crunchy eggplant and bread and basil oil
      Santarpio's for garlic pizza and side of sausage
      Neptune Oyster for fried clams and boardwalk fries
      Prezza for egg ravioli
      No9 for lobster gnocchi
      Bartleys for burger and onion rings and lime ricky
      Eastern Pier for clams in black bean sauce
      Flour for a BLT
      Bristol Lounge for the ambience
      Duozo for fresh wasabi
      Caffe Bella in Randolph for Duxbury Oysters with housemade cocktail sauce and.......
      Paramount for 2 eggs over easy, sausage and fruitplate
      Aquitaine for Steak Frittes

      For a start......

      Great topic!

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      1. re: gyppielou

        The Clam Box in Quincy or one of the good places in Ipswich for Fried Clams...and of course a Speed dog

      2. Besides going to my regular favourite places, my last few months in Boston were mostly spent exploring East Boston, since that was an area that I didn't know much about and was relatively under explored.

        1. great topic. i'm in the same boat, moving away july 1st. all great suggestions so far, i'll also throw out what is going to be my going away meal. the cubano at chez henri.

          1. Wow, NYC, huh? I'm envious! Don't forget to try Donovan's in Queens and Lombardi's in Little Italy if you like pizza and burgers, respectively.

            Hmmmmmm, if I were soon to leave Boston, I'd definitely hit these places at least once before heading out--some for food, some for atmosphere, some for sentimental reasons:

            Cafe Polonia, South Boston
            King Fung Garden, Chinatown
            Dok Bua, Brookline
            Jasmine Bistro, Brighton
            Angela's Cafe, East Boston
            Santarpio's, East Boston
            Cafe Azteca, Lawrence
            Kowloon, Saugus
            Kelly's, Revere Beach
            Eastern Pier, Waterfront
            Doyle's, Jamaica Plain
            Pellino's, Marblehead
            The Old Mill, Westminster
            Galleria Umberto, North End

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            1. re: hiddenboston

              Love The Old Mill in the Fall. Great setting!

              1. re: hiddenboston

                Old mill must be for sentimental or atmosphere reasons, couldnt be for food or service!

                1. re: hargau

                  Heh, you got that right. Duck feeding as a kid, going on out there after work for dinner, birthday parties, family gatherings, dining on the way back from ski trips and hiking, etc. Lots of memories of the place. I've actually had some decent meals there, too, though nothing that has knocked my socks off...