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Mar 21, 2008 01:14 PM

Moderate places to eat downtown (msp)


I will be at a conference at the Minneapolis Hilton in early May. Looking for dining suggestions nearby that are in the moderate range - 15 -22 dollars for entree. Also, a good place for 10-15 folks to go for dinner.

Is it worth going to 112 Eatery & how far is it from downtown? If we were to do one pricey dinner, what would be the best choice?


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  1. Yes, it is very much worth going to 112 Eatery. It is in downtown, a reasonable walk from the Hilton.

    For one "pricey" dinner, I would suggest Cosmos right downtown (in the Graves 601 Hotel) if you are looking for something a bit sleeker and modern or La Belle Vie, which is on the edge of downtown and is a very classic, refined place. Or you can try Porter & Frye, which is a new place in the Hotel Ivy and has a very well-assembled group of chefs, led by Steven Brown, one of MSP's shining culinary stars. Many of the hounds posting here, myself included, have not been yet.

    Welcome and enjoy.