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I need a salad suggestion.

I'm making a salad for mom's fairly straightforward Easter dinner. I know they will be serving ham, grilled asparagus, and sweet potatoes of some sort. Any ideas what would go well with the rest of the dishes? Something that isn't too based on seeds/nuts would be a plus do to some dietary restrictions (but they could be added later I suppose if essential). Was thinking of doing something with strawberries and goat cheese but I wasn't sure if that would be too sweet (and they're not really in season).


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  1. Roasted red and golden beets with chevre with say, a pomegranite or boutique balsamic vinaigrette.

    1. Mixed greens, thinly sliced fennel, orange segments, crumbled gorgonzola with a lemon vinaigrette. can add toasted almonds/pecans .

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      1. Mixed greens, maple syrup glazed walnuts, Gorganzola cheese, with a Balsamic vinagette. That's what we're doing.

        1. I'm such a broken record, but I love avocado and citrus (orange, tangerine, grapefruit) with a light lime vinaigrette on baby greens.
          Or pears with goat cheese in butter lettuce cups with a honey-mustard drizzle.

          1. All the suggestions sound great. Mine is more of a "salad for dummies": oranges, onions, salt, olive oil. Slice, slice, sprinkle, pour. When you actually see a recipe for this salad typical of Southern Spain and Italy, they talk about blood oranges, a certain type of onion, etc. Not necessary; any type of orange, any type of onion and it's great.

            1. I'm making a slaw because I have leftover St. Patty's Day cabbage from the farmers market. Just the basic, old fashioned kind because my family is basic and old fashoned -- shredded cabbage and carrots, celery seed (you said no seeds, so perhaps you could use fresh celery sliced). The dressing is ... wait for it ... the disdain starts here, but everyone really likes it: Miracle Whip to cover the slaw, with a splash of milk, a smidge of sugar, a splash of cider vinegar. I like tons of pepper and add some salt, but leave it to individuals to salt to taste. I'm also adding pepitas, but you can leave them out. This is the only recipe I use Miracle Whip for, but it makes the dressing. I got it from my from my former mother in law. I know a lot of people prefer an oil and vinegar-based dressing, but I like my coleslaw creamy.

              1. this broccoli salad is always a big hit when we take it for a dinner or pot luck, it does have sunflower seeds but can be ommited

                5 C. chopped fresh Broccoli , uncooked
                1 C. sunflower nuts
                1 LB. bacon diced and cooked
                1 med. red onion diced
                1 1/2 C. coleslaw dressing

                cook bacon, drain and cool, mix all ingredients and chill

                1. How about quick-blanched frenched tender green beans, tossed while still warm with home made or best-quality mayo, scallions and hard cooked egg, s+p, then chilled. It's so good and it goes perfectly with ham.

                  1. why not make a simple orzo salad, with feta cheese, fresh mint, tomatoes, black calamata olives --and roast some pinenuts to add as a garnish if you don't want them in it. Make a lemon and olive oil dressing, with oregano, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Simple and delicious. And a little bit goes a long way. One package of Orzo would feed about 8 easily.

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                      I do one exactly like this, but use cous cous instead of orzo... even easier, as I just cook (well, boil water) the cous cous and cool in the salad bowl I use.

                    2. Thanks for all the great suggestions.

                      I went with a roasted beet, blood orange and goat cheese thing that turned out quite well.