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Mar 21, 2008 01:07 PM

Minangasli must-haves?

looking thru the boards and saw lots of reviews and reports, just wondering if anyone has their own favorites? sometimes I go and its hit and miss so, I'd like to get with all standouts (going with a group of 5 this sunday). I always like the jackfruit stuff, the rice cube stuff, but sometimes I totally misorder. I'd love to hear all your recs and also, any lighter selections on the menu? thanks in advance ya'll, will report.

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  1. -satay combo plate (definitely not light though)

    -Ayam Pangang - chicken w/ lemongrass and coconut milk; this was very good and tender; almost like a green curry; it was especially delicious when combined with the three types of chili sauce they brought us

    -Opor Ayam - marinated chicken in thick candlenut flavored coconut milk; I LOVE this dish

    -beef rendang

    -gado gado - lighter, although it has the peanut sauce

    -sayur daun singkong - kale in coconut milk; really, really delicious for such a simple dish

    -avocado juice - a must have


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      I'm so glad you responded. I went just once and had deep fried chicken over rice which was good but not great. Plan to visit again soon and have the Ayam Panggand which you recommended but not over rice and the kale dish. I will try the avocado juice which is served with or without melted chocolate (I'm looking at the take out menu). The Gado Gado and Beef Rendang for another visit.