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Mar 21, 2008 12:58 PM

gourmet grocer in north county san diego?

Hello, I am new to the area from the East Coast and am enjoying trying out the local restaurants.

However, I like to cook a lot at home and was wondering if there are any gourmet grocery stores in the area that are similar to Balducci's or Zabar's back East. I know that there are Jimbo's in North County and there is a Whole Foods in La Jolla, but I'm looking for others.


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  1. Not exactly what you're looking for but it still might help.

    1. I have no idea about your east coast references so these suggestions may or may not work for you. In Encinitas there is Harvest Ranch Market, in Cardiff there is Seaside Market and in Carlsbad there is Tip Top Market. though Tip Top is a full market, we use it really as a butcher shop.

      1. When I lived in north county I did most of my shopping at Major Market in Escondido. If you are looking for something similar to Zabars, however, prepare to be dissapointed.

        Sorry but they dont seem to have a website. Here is info:

        Major Market. 1855 S Centre City Pkwy Escondido CA 92025. Tel: 760-741-7827. • European Bakery • Gourmet Service Deli • Full Service Butcher ..

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          Major Market is really great for those hard-to-find items. They even have a British frozen foods section. I was really hoping to find Italian Rainbow cookies there, but they had none.

        2. Welcome! Try Trader Joe's in Encinitas and Seaside Market in Cardiff. Seaside has everything! Trader Joes is a favorite because they have food from all over mostly organic. Both places are a favorite of the locals.

          1. Exactly how far is your driving range? North County is anywhere from Del Mar to Oceanside to Escondido.

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              I will go pretty much anywhere. It wouldn't be my everyday grocery store, just when I need the gourmet stuff.

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                Gelson's in Irvine would be your best choice. I haven't been to this location, but all of the stores in LA and Santa Barbara are top-notch.