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I'm an out-of-towner (Los Angeles) and I'll be in New York in May. I'm seeing a great many shows, and I was wondering if you could recommend some great eating places in the area. I like Italian, Chinese, Seafood, Japanese (cooked), Barbecue, and Thai.

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  1. vice versa italian 51 st 8-9 ave

    1. Trattoria Trecolori, on 47th St., b/t B'way & 8th Av., is a favorite of mine and many other Hounds. Delicious homestyle Italian fare is served by a friendly, capable staff in a space that has attractive decor and nicely-spaced tables.


      Daisy May's BBQ, on the corner of 11th Av. & 46th St., is, imo, the very best in that area, and well worth trekking to the far west side. It's a cafeteria-style set-up. Not much in the way of decor, but who cares?


      Esca, on the corner of 9th Av. & 43rd St., is a Batali restaurant that specializes in fish and seafood with an Italian bent. I'm not a fan, but there are lots of Hounds who are. Expensive.


      1. Vice Versa has a sister restaurant called Et Cetera on 44th...

        1. db Bistro on 44th is one of my favorites. You haven't said anything about a price range. There is Ruby Foo's, on Broadway at around 48th, I believe. Last night we went to Scarlatto's on 47th St. Good value $29 pre-theatre dinner was quite good. Osterio al Doge on 43rd or 44th. What you should do is check the location of the theatres, and take it from there. Some are in the low 40's, others in the low 50's.

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            Just to note that howard81 did not include French in the list of cuisines he likes; therefore, while dbBistro is an excellent restaurant, the food is contemporary French, so it may not be a good fit for him.

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              I'm taking this all in ...thanks so much for your replys!

          2. Vice -Versa ia great. Osteria Del Circo is underated. Marseille is also underated. Milos if you want great but expensive seafood.

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              Marseille underrated? Certainly not on this board where it has lots of fans, including me, who find the food to be excellent.

            2. Baldoria......49th & Broadway.
              Italian...a relative of the famous Rao's

              1. Nizza, a new restaurant at 9th Avenue at 44th is nice for a lighter dinner--southern France/Mediterranean/Pizza/street food. And let me second (third?) the suggestion of Marseille.

                I also just love Cara Mia at 9th and 46th.

                Oh, and for Thai/French fusion try Breeze, also at 9th and 46th.

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                  Ate at Nizza once and it was a real waste of time. Overcooked pasta, overcheesy, probably not the wine i ordered but i'm nott absolutely sure. Shameful. Better food at local pizza places. I think the bus boy was cooking. Avoid.

                2. I second Vice Versa (and will be eating there tomorrow night pre-theater), but have mixed feelings about Esca -- it's okay, but I don't think worth the cost. Also for pricey Italian, I also like the relatively new Insieme (7th between 50-51) -- during my last visit, the service was odd, but the food was unique and very good. And while the room is a little cool, the whole place is an oasis of calm in the middle of a chaotic, bustling and loud nightmare called Times Square:)

                  Someone suggested Ruby Foos, which I'd personally avoid as it's food you can get at any chain (like PF Changs). For Japanese, a new one to the hood is Omido, on Broadway between 53-54 (right next to Letterman's theater) -- the cooked food is good (chicken with divine potatoes), although I really enjoy the sushi (and mango parfait for desert) and nice architecture, too. As for Thai, I'm a recent but enthusiastic fan of Q2 Thai on 9th between 52-53 -- mediocre ambiance, but great, reasonably priced food.

                  I'll also second Daisy Mays for bbq (for early take out -- it closes at odd times), and will throw out Virgils, which is a bit themey, but I still find tasty (W44 between Bway and 6th).

                  Have fun and try to eat out of the area, as well!

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                    Had dinner tonight at Etcetera Etcetera after reading positive comments here. What a great find. Such a creative menu with many wonderful choices and a really nice staff. Attentive, but not annoyingly so. Really nice, helpful, friendly waiters. The lamb meatball appetizer is excellent with a fresh, bright sauce that's so good, we ordered a second one! Great fish, wonderful desserts including the lemon sorbet with limoncello - a fine combo I've never seen on any menu. From the decor (modern, but doesn't look like it cost a ton of money to do), I imagine this is not a place that was bankrolled by some incredibly wealthy corporation, but a labor of love. So nice to have a great spot to go before theater. Will surely go again and thanks to all who recommended it as I would have never just walked in. Never would have picked it based on the name which is odd — but this is a really nice restaurant. Usually dinner around there pales by comparison to the show. Tonight, dinner was the star and the show wasn't very good!

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                      I read about Omido on this site and tried it last week because of its convenience to the Broadway Theater. It was small and quiet, which was lovely. We tried both cooked food and sushi and found both to be good; perhaps not amazing, but good enough that I would recommend it if you are looking for this location. The service seemed a bit quirky but still quite enjoyable.

                    2. Check out Rio & You for Japanese

                      45th between 8&9th

                      Honestly I've never tried their cooked food other than their Anago Battera sushi.

                      They have Wafu Chuuka section on the menu which is Japanese style chinese food.

                      1. Has anyone been to Victor's Cafe, a cuban place in theater district? I came across the name in my on-line search for a pre-show place to take out-of-towners.

                        So far, I think I'm settling on Scarlatta.

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                          We go to Victor's a few times a year. I think I posted a report the last time we went. We went earlier this year for dessert after dinner at Robuchon. Many will say it's past its hey day but we enjoyed our meals there. I also agree with Trattoria Trecolori and Marseille recs (we discovered both thanks to RGR) and the previous suggestion to pass on Ruby Foo's.

                        2. Churrascaria Plataforma
                          316 W. 49th St., nr. Eighth Ave.
                          You get your salads and sides from the teeming buffet; thereafter commences a parade of waiters bearing roasted meats on skewers—often as many as twenty varieties in an evening.