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Mar 21, 2008 12:38 PM

touring Hampshire College- anywhere around it to eat?

My family and I are driving to Hampshire College for a tour next week and will finish the tour around lunchtime. Anybody have any recs for a good lunch? Then we are on our way to New Haven to visit nephew at Yale. We are taking him out for his B-day dinner- any thoughts in New Haven? He is allergic to seafood. thanks, Chowhounds!

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  1. You'll want to post this in the New England board (although the CH Team might move it for you). The Boston board doesn't stretch much beyond Route 495....

    I can tell you that Pepe's on Wooster Street in New Haven is a must if you like pizza. I have had pizza all over New England and New York, and Pepe's is probably my absolute favorite.

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      Thanks,hiddenboston! I know Pepe's is already a favorite of his! I was hoping for maybe one step up for his birthday. Know anything about Central Steakhouse? Thanks!

    2. Hampshire is fairly close to Amherst where there are lots of great options. If you like wings (either the original or boneless variety, I highly recommend Hanger (aka Wings Over Amherst) right up the street from the Umass stadium. It now has outposts in a variety of other locations, but none compare to the original. In "downtown" Amherst, Antonio's has great pizza by the slice with unique toppings and Bueno y Sano is the choice for burritos. If you are looking for a few steps up from take-out or bar food, Judy's has great popovers, salads, etc.

      1. I went to Hampshire College, but I'm not sure what's left. Amherst Chinese Food (AmChi) is owner by the Chang family - well-known organic farmers, and it serves thoughtful home cooking. Look for pea green and black mushroom soup. Isle of Mykonos has delicious greek cuisine and excellent whole wheat crust pizza, but it may be gone. The Old Amherst Ale House is a must for great beer and free popcorn. Taipei/Tokyo in Northampton has better than servicable sushi. Cha Cha Cha is nothing fancy but has decent quick quasi-Mexican. La Veracruzana in Northampton has good burritos. And Pinocchios, also in "Hamp" has excellent pizza slices. I know there are newer spots, but that's the best I could do. If you are looking at Hampshire for yourself, I cannot recommend it enough!

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          Great! AmChi sounds great! We are looking for my daughter and that sounds right up her alley.

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            I'm also a Hampshire grad but from a while ago... I loved Pinnocchios and La Veracruzana back in the day, but I'm sure you'll the vigorous debates her about all the Valley eateries if you do a search on Amherst, Hadley, or Northampton.

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              Cha Cha Cha closed quite a while ago. Osaka is a better choice for sushi than Taipei, in my opinion.

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                If I were getting pizza slices in the Valley, I'd take Antonio's in Amherst over Pinocchio's any day.

                I also have fond memories of the Old Amherst Ale House--I loved that place--but it's now the Moan and Dove, a beer bar started by Dan Lanigan before he opened the Dirty Truth in Northampton. Of the two, I prefer the Moan and Dove.

                Another hidden gem in Amherst is Thai Corner. Great little out-of-the-way place with an interesting approach to Thai food. And the owner, Chet, is a great guy.

                I second La Veracruzana in Northampton. Their shredded beef tacos are great.

              2. I went to Hampshire back in the day... it's about three miles south of the center of Amherst, with no restaurants very close by. But, across the street just south of campus is Atkins Farms, which used to be a tiny farm stand and now is a pretty big produce/gourmet food shop. Get the cider doughnuts and apple cider. For lunch places head to Amherst or Northampton- lots of choices. In Amherst, as noted Amherst Chinese is quite good, and the Black Sheep across the street has good sandwiches and cookies. Antonio's is the classic college town pizza-by-the-slice place. Further up in Amherst is Bub's BBQ which we, uh, enjoyed as students. Northampton has dozens of places- I was partial to Paul & Elizabeth's, La Veracruzana, and Cafe Amanouz. And don't miss Herrell's ice cream.

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                  I second Atkins Farms, they've got sandwiches and a salad bar and it's got a nice dining area with booths. Fun place for relaxing meal. Great alternative if you don't want to hassle with parking in Amherst or Nhampton.

                2. Amherst College grad here, hometown is New Haven. For the echt Pioneer Valley experience, go to the Lord Jeffrey Inn on the Amherst town green. In New Haven, I'd skip the Central Steakhouse (the owners would love to unload it.) I'm big on Pacifico at the corner of Crown and College, a block from campus.

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                    Okay- is Central Steakhouse middle of the road? What is Pacifico?

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                      Two newish places in New Haven that people seem really high on are 161 Crown, which is at . . . well, 161 Crown, and serves high-end cocktails and small plates, and Caseus, on Whitney Avenue, which is a cheese shop and restaurant that offers good bistro cuisine. Haven't been to either, but I trust the people who've given me excellent reports about both.