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Mar 21, 2008 12:12 PM

Bourbon Steak review

I had the pleasure of dining at Bourbon Steak last night. Let me start by saying it is a beautiful restaurant. There is a gorgeous private dining area surrounded by rocks, a beautiful bar area and a nice wine cellar. My girlfriend pointed out that it looks like a restaurant you would find in a Vegas hotel, in a good way. It had extremely comfortable couches for the banquettes in addition to the tables. Visually, very nice.

When we arrived, we were graciously whisked in to a table that could/should have sat 4, but they reserved for the two of us at I requested it for her birthday. I looked at the wine list before going, and seeing as I wanted to keep the bottle price under $80, I brought my own 2001 Tom Eddy Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. This is my one complaint with the restaurant, and actually told the waiter after the meal in a discussion that it is a bit preposterous that there is only one (1) cab option on the wine list under $100. Nonetheless, they graciously welcomes our bottle for a $25 corkage fee.

We started out with 2 cocktails, I had a Moscow something or another, with vodka, muddled lime and ginger beer (very good) and the lady had a pomegranite martini (delicious). They immediately decanted the wine to give it ample time to breathe. As soon as we sat, the manager also brought over a hand-written birthday card thanking my girlfriend for celebrating there (a wonderful gesture that I have not seen before). He also came with one of the duck fat fries trios. The paprika/bbq combo was good, though a bit heavy on the paprika. The truffled fries with truffle aioli was surreal.

The wait staff next brought out the house bread, a delicious potato foccaccia drenched in truffle oil. It was superb. Our appetizers came out soon thereafter. We got the crab salad lettuce cups with sriracha vinaigrette. Fantastic. We also ordered the kobe beef shabu shabu. They brought out a consomme pot with fire under it to lightly/quickly drench these mushroom wrapped with kobe. Phenomenal, and the comsomme could be consumed as a soup after the kobe disappeared. It was earthy, light, simple and delicious.

For the mains, my girlfriend ordered a filet and I ordered the bone-in ribeye. We got a spinach souffle with parmesan cream and jalapeno cream corn on the side. All of the steaks (aside from the A5 Kobe) are slow poached in butter for 8 hours and then quickly grilled to char. The one issue we had was my girlfriends was over-cooked, but they took it away and quickly replaced it with a new filet (time was aided by the slow poaching). The au poive sauce was not a rich and creamy version, but rather looser and delicious. It really heightened the flavors of a perfectly seasoned steak. The souffle was subliminally wonderful (perhaps the best thing we ate the entire night) and the cream corn was sweet yet had a slight heat backing it from the jalapenos.

We finished off the meal with the bananas foster doughnuts, which neither of us cared for. The molten chocolate cake, however, was unreal. I am beyond tired of the molten chocolate cake thing, but ordered it for my girlfrend. It was a good thing. The outside was almost like a chocolate crust, with the most delicious melted rich interior. The malted milk ice cream to accompany was similarly wonderful. It also came with a chocolate/bourbon cremoso type of creation that was phenomenal. The coffee was served in a traditional large coffee press and the chocolate martini was similarly great.

Great steaks that melted in your mouth
Molten Chocolate cake
House cocktails
spinach souffle
Friendly and warm service that made you feel special and appreciated your business

Overcooked steak (though quickly replaced)
At times had to pour own wine out of the decanter
Expensive wine list weak in the zinfandels, cabs under $100

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  1. Thanks for the good review - we may be there this weekend.

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        Menu, with prices, is online and no, it ain't cheap.

        Wine list has some strengths in CA Pinot, Burg, and showoff CA Cab and Bdx (the latter couple in particular fitting for a steakhouse) but prices are pretty high. I counted less than 10 red wines under $50, only one under $40.

    1. We had 2 apps, 2 steaks, 2 sides, 2 desserts, coffee, 3 cocktails and a $25 corkage and it came out to about $300 plus the bottle of wine we brought with us. It was about on par with a meal at Prime 112, Table 8, etc. At least they comped the valet parking (which is more you can say than places like Prime 112).

      1. This was a great review. A lot of effort went into it and it was interesting and informative. I wish that we had more like this. One caveat: whenever I see a review of a restaurant and the poster doesn't tell me where it's located, I assume it's in Miami/Ft.Lauderdale. For those of us on the other coast, please identify the location of the restaurant--at least, the city or town it's in. Thanks and please post again, Mikek!

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          I just wish we would keep running threads instead of starting new ones
          Here is Debbie's review

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            I copy and pasted it to that thread as well.


          Curious about Bourbon Steak, the new Michael Mina restaurant at Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort, but worried about the sticker shock? A Wednesday American Institute of Wine & Food dinner may be the ticket.

          For the relative bargain price of $105 ($95 for AIWF members), you get a three-course ''Back to Basics'' menu that includes a choice of heirloom tomato soup with lobster grilled cheese or romaine with black olive Caesar dressing; an American Kobe burger, barbecued pork short ribs or wood-grilled organic chicken with sides; and beignets with crème brulée, butterscotch or chocolate pot de crème. Plus wines selected by sommelier Matthew Turner and coffee or tea.

          Reservations for the 7 p.m. dinner are available through AIWF at 305-663-9641 or 954-396-3875.

          source: Miami Herald

          No steak on the menu though...

          1. Best meal we have had in Miami... ever. Prime 112 looks like a Sizzler after this. A bit expensive, but worth it. We ordered the Truffled Mac & Cheese, Trio of Duck Fat Fries, Foraged Mushrooms, Spinach Soufflé and had MISO-GLAZED BLACK COD, BARBECUE PORK SHORT RIBS and AMERICAN KOBE BEEF with Roasted Marrow Bones as entrées. For desert we had beignets and chocolate molten cake. Wines were also excellent. Sorry, in a hurry. Definitely recommend it. We will be back soon.

            Ask for the foie gras starter that's not on the menu. It was a great portion and the best I have ever had.