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Mar 21, 2008 12:05 PM

NYC Area - Eating Challenges

Do you know of any restaurants in NYC or the greater NYC area that offer eating challenges? For example, there's a place called J&R steakhouse out in Long Island that offers:

"Every person finishing our big 76oz. steak within an hour will have his/her name placed on our wall of fame - plus - a free t-shirt and our exclusive 76 CLUB (one win per person limit)."

Do you know if any burger, steak, hot dog, pizza, or wing places with similar challenges exist in NYC? Or any type of place that has an eating challenge with some sort of prize?

Challenge Me!

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  1. jdnyc22 - maybe we shoud just find a place and start our own challenge, haha. I think my only real claims to fame (and this was during the younger days) were 60 wings during the first half of a game and we were only allowed to order on order at a time (20 to an order). What was even better was it only cost $6. I ate 7 slices of pizza once. Couldn't manage the last one. Ate three Whoppers when I was a teenager (100+ pounds ago). At home the biggest steak I've ever eaten was a 40oz...but that was with a baked potato, salad, and a side of spinach. I doubt I could do the 76 ouncer, but I ate my own 40oz in about 20 minutes!

    Good thread, looking forward to see if anyone comes up with anything.

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      Brick Lane Curry house gives you a free beer if you can finish their spiciest curry.

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        Speaking of Londoners in New York! Brick Lane used to be an awesome restaurant. Authentic British/English food. Then they got sold or moved up the street or something and they sucked. Have they improved?

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      1. American Burger Co. in hicksville and smithtown has if you eat their 4 pattie burger you get your name on the ceiling. If you eat two, you get a red star next to your name. If you eat 3 or 4 you get a blue star.
        I didnt want to have my family watch me eat another so me and my brother only did one.

        1. not sure if they are still doing it, but the felafel restaurant called
          ON THE GRILL on Queens blvd in Forest Hills was doing a falafel challenge a few monthes ago.

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            Arthurs in Hoboken, from what I remember if you can finish the 48oz steak in 1 hr you get it for free. I'm not sure though I could hardly finish the 20oz.

          2. I was at the Carnegie Deli and saw an announcement for a pickle eating contest this Saturday.