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Mar 21, 2008 11:58 AM

Anyone been to Jimmy's Place lately?

Broadview & Queen

We want to have a steak for dinner tonight, cheap, and relatively close to home.

Anyone had steak there?

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  1. I've never been to Jimmy's Place. Though I haven't been recently, Velvet Pub had very acceptable steaks at good prices.

    1. It was an interesting Good Friday on Queen East.

      We stopped in at the Velvet Pub - had a couple of drinks, nice place, but then headed over to Jimmy's Place.

      Played a game of pool while drinking a beer, and decided to stay for dinner.

      I had the 12 ounce steak ordered medium, but should have ordered medium-rare....good but just a little overly done for me. However, the steak came with a large portion of Greek Salad and French Fries....very good.

      The other half ordered the Chicken Wings - medium - which he enjoyed very much.

      With two beers each, plus the dinners for two, the whole bill was $33.44, with friendly service all around.

      We'll go back, that's for sure.

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      1. re: Jay98

        hm thats pretty good sounding. Ive never been here but have driven past many times, whats the atmosphere like?

        1. re: hungryabbey

          The atmosphere was casual & friendly.

          Not your romantic spot, but certainly decent enough for a reasonably priced good meal, and if you enjoy a game of pool - 2 tables.

      2. i also enjoy jimmy's. agree that the steak is good. i'm always impressed with how fresh the salads are. no, the food isn't fancy but it's damn delicious, fresh and reasonably priced.

        1. if i am thinking of the same place - at 9:45 on Sat night it seemed more like a university student basement apartment (flags on the ceiling, broken light-up bar signs, poor tables, marilyn manson soundtrack) than a place for a meal, casual or not. cheap pints though.

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          1. re: LemonLauren

            Well, it is a tavern. But the food's pretty good and you can't beat the prices. My wife and I like to head down there when we feel like a burger and a couple of beers. Probably one of the best cheap breakfasts in Toronto, too.