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Mar 21, 2008 11:55 AM

weather up--new bar--in prospect heights

so i stopped in the other night with some friends.
the place was really quite charming --- and i had 2 great drinks... but i also found that the menu drink selection was on the small side and many of the cocktails didn't incorporate the delicious fresh ingredients that so many of the milk & honey drinks do. i mean a good manhattan is a good manhattan and i don't know if 2 special "real" maraschino cherries and a cool metal straw --merits 11 dollars. I mean does it? I am really not sure. The presbyterian cocktail was tasty and involved ginger, lime, and and old overholt bourbon. This drink was cheaper than the rest (about 9 if i recall.) but the straight booze on the rocks that some of us ordered, which was measured out ever so carefully by our friendly bartender, was also 9 bucks. (for jameson etc.) Let's just say that heavy handed bar-tending is not allowed.
i used to go to m&h for special occasions and i like that weather up is around these parts but i wonder how the neighborhood will take to it. even though the beer/wine prices are reasonable--- my budget and drinking habits will not allow for the place to be my regular watering hole.
at the same time, i am sure the oysters, cheese, and backyard will reel me back in.
what does everyone think?

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  1. I had similar feelings, it's not going to be any everyday, multiple drink bar for me, but rather a place for a nice drink in a nice atmosphere. Surely $11 a drink doesn't fit my budget, but they do actually have beers for $6 which is a nice option. I've been there a few times now and the neighborhood seems to be embracing it. My first time it was quiet, but early, and my second time it was very crowded. Most recently I couldn't even get in since it was so packed. I hope they do well, and I look forward to the garden being finished. They're also adding a basement space.

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    1. re: ginsbera

      bartenders are slow as molasses and the space echoes like a cavern

      1. re: greenermjr

        I didn't find the space echoes poorly, maybe it was too crowded when you went.

        Although I do find the drinks made slowly, that fits the personality of the bar. Ir's not a quick turn over place, but more a drink at your own leisure vibe. On the topic of the bartenders, I have to say they are very friendly and talkative, my gf and I both were pleased and this was my 4th time there.

        1. re: ginsbera

          They're certainly friendly, but even well made drinks shouldn't take that long to make for a competent mixologist. Part of being a good bartender is taking multiple orders and getting the drinks made and to your customer so they can drink them and then order another -- thus making money for the bar -- which is your main job.

          In my visit, I also saw a woman nearly give up on her order of 2 beers and 2 whiskey's in desperation.

          1. re: greenermjr

            that's too bad, I didn't see or have an experience like that at all the 4 times I went. Oh well.

            1. re: ginsbera

              i thought i was just impatient but i agree that our bartender was on the slower end. after our first drink -- one of my friends thought the bartender was slipping us a note (!) only to discover that it was in fact the bill. as we drank more and some of our party split--our bartender repeatedly had to update the note/bill. the whole thing became stupidly comical and i'm sure it annoyed her immensely as well. but really-- i can't imagine the bartender handling any more volume than was already there and it really was not very crowded at all.
              i'll go back when i get a paycheck and test the echo. but for now -- i'd much rather drink at beast if i'm in the hood.