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Mar 21, 2008 11:52 AM

Seders in Montreal?

Are any hotels, restaurants, what have you holding Passover seders?? We will be in town through the holiday.


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  1. Hotels and restaurants don't generally hold seders. That being said you can call Hillel Montreal (514-845-9171) and ask if they can help.

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      I second the Hillel idea, though there's no seder listed on their online calendar - - it's maybe not up-to-date. I also found this old list of public seders in Montreal - - even though it's not for this year, you may still want to call some of the places listed (mostly synagogues) and see what their schedule is for this year. I too have never heard of a seder taking place at a restaurant or hotel in town - which doesn't mean there aren't any. (My guess is that it probaby gets too complicated for non-shul institutional kosher kitchens to handle the special dietary requirements of Pesach - most of them here just close down for the whole holiday!) I also found this Jewish-travel message board that may be of help:

      Good luck!

    2. Here are a few from houses of worship of different traditions:

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        Yeah, that's the one I just linked to above - judging by the dates, it's not for this year (and the home site no longer exists) but it's got some good leads for sure!

      2. I'm sure you could also get in touch with one of the local Chabad houses, they probably hold open seders. Just google Chabad Montreal and you'll come up with the different chapters...

        1. The Shaare Zedek (5305 Rosedale in Cote St. Luc) has a sedar Saturday night 9 pm; RSVP at 514-484-1122, $60 for adults, $35 for children. Here's a link

          The Shaar Hashomayim (450 Kensington Avenue in Westmount) advertises "Community Sedars" for both 1st & 2nd sedars. For info or details phone 514-937-9471 or via their online bulletin (small ad on bottom of page 4)