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Mar 21, 2008 11:41 AM

Best Fuzhou follow-up

Following a discussion that Brian S. and others had had about the 5 Watch intestine soup, I went to Best Fuzhou at 71 Eldridge today and I must say it was fabulous. Unlike other posters who found a fun, packed place, I was the only one there at 12:30. After some skepticism that I really would order such a thing, they brought it out and it was wonderful -- a beautiful mix of tastes and textures. I also had the rice cake and intestine soup which was very different in taste -- creamy almost with minimal spicing and lots of greens. Very flavorful. I think this place is going to become one of my regular spots.

Thanks to Brian S. and others who helped in their posts to translate and explain the 5 watch dish.

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  1. I'm really glad you liked that 5 watch intestine! If you go around 7:30PM on a Sunday (or Saturday too, I guess), I can almost guarantee you won't be the only one there.

    1. For any who missed the original threads, here's the Digest boil-down ...