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Mar 21, 2008 11:07 AM

Best takeaway dumplings in Chinatown?

I'll be pushing a stroller, walking around Chinatown and looking for the closest copy of steamed dumplings like I found on the streets in Beijing. Any suggestions for a place that sells them on the street or will let me takeaway? As a second question, how about mini-steamed buns takeaway?

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  1. Not sure whether you are referring to steamed (or boiled) jioazi or what, but you won't find them at the takeaway delis, though you'll find the Cantonese take on pot stickers, large and really stuffed with pork and cabbage. I'm not sure if goubuli is what you mean by "mini steamed buns", but you won't find that either.

    The good news is there are many Cantonese-style "hand-held" foods available, and they typically are on display in the front windows, so you can window shop and glom onto what looks good. The takeout delis with dim sum are primarily on Stockton Street and on Washington and Jackson Streets beween Stockton and Grant Ave.