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Mar 21, 2008 10:56 AM

High-End Dinner For Father and Son Celebration

I'm celebrating my graduation this Summer and my father will be flying in from Germany for the weekend. I'm looking for a restaurant with extraordinary food, but not excruciatingly formal, with an atmosphere conducive to conversation. My father loves good food and wine, and has an old-school "I don't eat seafood unless i can smell the ocean" attitude. Since Europe can't tell a good steak from a hole in the ground, I'm thinking steakhouse? Someone recommended Grill 23? Suggestions would be most appreciated.

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  1. Haven't tried Grill 23 yet, but I really enjoy Abe & Louies. Comfortable steak house atmosphere, great food and service. Fine dining without being snobbish. Can't beat the Oak Room either, but the atmosphere is old Boston and somewhat stuffy.

      1. re: saltyair

        Grill 23 is a great steak house but it can be noisy. Try to get a table on the upper level where it's easier to have a conversation.

        If you are planning this for graduation day, make reservations right away. Everyone else wants to dine out at the same time.

        Grill 23 & Bar
        161 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116

        1. re: BBHound

          I think Locke-Ober would be a perfect place for a father and son celebration. I don't think it is stuffy although I know some do. Mooo in 15 Beacon Hotel would be another good choice and perhaps more conducive to conversation than Grill 23. As mentioned by BBHound, reserve as soon as possible for any of these places as they are all in high demand at graduation time.

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            I'll second Locke Ober (it was one of my fathers favorites but I never got to eat there with him).

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                I like it too, but it sure borders on "excruciatingly formal."

        1. I would not recommend Grill 23 as the spot is too noisy to have a conversation. Salts is a better bet.

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            I second the Salts recommendation for excellent food and service and in my experience most always a beef preparation on the menu. And would also throw in a strong recommendation for Pigalle...Marc Orfaly's steak is superb and consistently available ...ask for a booth and you will have a grand and private night

          2. My dad took me to Hamersley's when I graduated. It remains one of my favorite places, high end but not formal or pretentious. Not a steak place, though they can certainly handle meat.