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Mar 21, 2008 10:46 AM

Lakefront Dining in Dallas

The weather is getting so nice and I'm looking for a nice outdorr spot but don't know where to go in Dallas. Could anyone recommend places with lakefront/waterfront dining in the Dallas area with chowhound worthy atmosphere/food? I've eaten at the Oasis on Joe Pool lake and that was awful! Salty sides and overcooked catfish-gross.

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  1. The Harbor in Rockwall has recently sprung up. It has the newly opened Blue Canyon, Gloria's, Dodies, Agave a couple of Itialian places and some other chains. It sits nicely on Lake Ray Hubbard and offers a great view of the sunset.

    1. A bit off topic but, I've always wondered why there were no food vendors out at White Rock. The little sail boat marina at the south end would be a great spot for a burger joint. Although the water there isn't that appetizing.
      Oh, and there's almost lakeside at Bachman if you like tacos ;)

      1. There's a new Primo's near Lake Ray Hubbard. Great Tex Mex.