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Mar 21, 2008 10:34 AM

DIY Lemon Juice

Okay - more than once I have almost bought the huge bags of lemons from Costco. Limes, too. Here's my dilema -
I don't always have lemons around when I need "the juice." So, should I buy a big old bag of lemons and squeeze away into a container and use?

Some of my lemons were going moldy, so I cut them and squeezed the juice out. Does lemon juice "expire?" If so, can one freeze it?

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  1. I would not use moldy lemons(even just a teensy bit moldy); once that mold is visible to the naked eye it's already compromised the entire fruit.

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    1. re: aelph

      really??! I mean, they weren't like tennis balls yet - just a bit of mold.
      Oh lordie.

      1. re: stellamystar

        well, sure... :)

        Mold exudes filaments, right? What you see atop the rind is just the most aggressive result of an ongoing corruption.

        I find the smell of moldy citrus abominable.

        But, I could be off and it might be fine...

    2. I freeze lemon juice in ice cube trays, I also freeze: wine and stock in ice cube trays.

      I have used moldy lemons without any problems, i.e., I did not get sick, the lemon juice tasted fine, the mold starts on the outside surface of the lemon, helps decompose the lemon. I don't like the smell of moldy lemons, I have a lemon tree and usually have a moldy lemon or two under the tree, but other than the smell, the mold has not negatively affected me.

      I usually toss the moldy lemons, but when I am at the cabin, it is either use it, drive to town or do without.

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      1. re: Alan408

        Great idea to freeze lemon juice. Never thought of it, though I do freeze stock, and if I buy the cans of tomato paste instead of the tube, I freeze that, too. I usually have lemons in the house, but frezzing some for th juice is a great idea!

        1. re: Alan408

          Re doing without..
          I will never admit to this, but I think I remember using about an eigth of a tsp of Crystal lite lemonade mix when I made something that demanded the tartness and flavor of lemon (and all of the thousands of lemons I thought I had were hiding.)

          1. re: shallots

            Citric acid also works well as a sub for lemon juice