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Mar 21, 2008 10:32 AM

Camp 31 Review

Well I finally made it out to Camp 31 for a taste of some real BBQ. We showed up at around 5:30 and were seated immediately. Both my partner and I ordered the combo three with pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and a side of mashed potatoes and gravy. We got our cokes and ya, they had no flavor. It was like drinking brown fizzy water. Not off to a good start. The food came out quick which wasnt surprising because BBQ is slow food and is obviously preprepared. It was a large plate of meat and sauce, just what ive been waiting for. All three meats were very good and the best ive had in ontario, amazing! The only concern I had was that the food was warm and not piping hot, which I totally forgot about when I savored the flavor. Camp 31's sauces are very good. We decided that the st.louis ribs wee the best part of the meal, they had nice smoke taste and a nice chewy texture which is how I like my ribs. The pulled pork was second best, it was nothing short of perfect, tender,juicy, and saucy. And not that the brisket was bad, it was also amazing it just was overshadowed by the ribs and pulled pork. My partner and I are huge fans of Dinosaur Barbeque in Rochester and Syracuse and we couldnt help but compare the 2 places. I would have to admit that Dino BBQ is just one step up from camp 31 which I didn't want to happen because its so much further to drive. But camp 31 is pretty close to perfect BBQ and I will be back for sure. On the way home we stopped at Weil's Bakery in Westdale (Hamilton) for a chocolate eclair which was suggested by a fellow hound. Wow, best chocolate eclair ive ever had, fresh whipped cream and chocolate frosting made on site. All in all it was a great foodie trip and worth the drive. Thanks for the recommendations hounds!

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  1. Did you get a chance to try the cornbread at Camp 31? It goes perfectly with the pulled pork. My fav. I love Dinosaur Jr in Syracuse and agree it's better than Camp 31 but Paris Ontario is easier to get to then Syracuse! We looked at the ferry to Rochester once but the timing didn't work out, it's more geared for coming to Toronto then doing a quick trip down and back from here. For now we get our fix at Camp 31 until our next bbq outing (we're stopping off in Kansas enroute to San Francisco next month!).

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      Haha. It's Dinosaur BBQ, not Dinosaur Jr.

      I do that too :)

    2. I have yet to try Camp 31, but it's nice to see a good review among the mixed reviews I've seen.

      I've been to Dino BBQ is Syracuse and wasn't too impressed really. I thought the meats were kind of meh, but the sides and desserts outstanding! A fun BBQ joint though, that's for sure. Would go back.

      Gotta check out Camp 31 one of these days....

      1. I did not try the cornbread at camp 31, and now im wishing I would have, magic you must have been to Dinosaur BBQ on a bad day, but I agree with you their sides are amazing! Thats one of the things that make it stand out, most bbq places lose focus on the sides. If you love it enough, buy the dinosaur bbq recipe book. Its worth it for the mutha sauce recipe alone. There are some of the actual recipes they use in the restaurant. Amazing cookbook! Not all the recipes have to be done on the grill. Im jealous, I want to go to the south.

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          We must have been at dino on a bad day too then. It was good. Just not great. Of course, I'm comparing it to southern joints which is tough.
          We haven't been to the restaurant but got to sample some of their wares at a competition. It was quite good. Much better than Phil's.


        2. I am glad to hear this resto finally com up on the board. It is certainly not the best you will find but it is certainly a must stop if you are on the 403 for any reason. My favorite picks so far are the ribs, smoked wings and sausages. The sausages are to die for - very smokey, sweet - kinda like a honey garlic thing going on and then covered in the bbq sauce. Wicked.

          I now plan visits to see my family in London from Toronto with the alterier motive of grabbing this stuff on the way home. I will have to try the pulled pork next time, mlukan...

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            I like Camp 31 and its proximity to the GTA, The problem have with Dino BBQ is that I dont know Syracuse well enough to find other activities to warrant an weekend trip..cant trek the family down to Syracuse just for my ribs,,

            1. re: to_frankie

              This is true, it really would be a weekend trip. Go with one of your fellas.