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Mar 21, 2008 10:26 AM

ISO Great Cupcakes in Mid-City

I'm familiar with some of LA's great cupcake spots (Ledas, Sprinkles, Susiecakes, Vanilla Bake Shop, etc.), but I'm looking for something similar in the Mid-City area (around West Hollywood). Please share any recommendations.

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  1. try joans on third, on 3rd street between orlando and la jolla in west hollywood. they have a variety of flavors -- i love their marshmallow cloud cupcakes!

    1. Its not the best, but it may be the closest...

      Cake and Art on Santa MOnica

      and Sweet Lady Jane has cupcakes occaionally as well.

      Sprinkles has their takeout/big order industrial kitchen on LA Cienega, and if you call ahead and make an order, I believe you can pick up from their La Cienega location