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Mar 21, 2008 10:13 AM

Pierogies At The Shore?

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a place in Ocean or Monmouth counties where good pierogies can be found? I searched before posting and I know that there are places outside of Mon/Oc counties but I don't have the time to travel any real distance as I'd like them for Easter. If anyone has a memory about buying pierogies from the kitchen of St. Vladimir's church in Elizabeth, NJ, you'll know that I'm talking about the real-deal kind, not the supermarket kind.

There's a Polish/Italian deli in Brielle - Mileto's? - as well as a Polish deli on Arnold Ave in Point Pleasant...anyone been?

My mom usually makes them but this year she decided not to because it's too much work for her and is now calling every couple of hours as she second guesses that decision and drops hints along the lines of "if only I had help making them..." complete with long, dramatic sigh.

Save me from a weekend of guilt-induced dough-rolling.

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  1. My dad is a South River raised polock and he thinks Mileto is great. The have some special breads for Easter as well - babka, kolacz, etc.

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      Thanks, MGZ. I'm 5 minutes from Mileto's so I'll go over and see what I see. Thanks, too, for the website - I couldn't find it!

    2. My Polish friend buys pierogies from a church. She says they're the best she's ever had. They do it as a fundraiser and you need to order them. Call the church and find out their next fundraising event.

      St Stephen's Ukrainian Cthlc
      Address: 1344 White Oak Bottom Rd, Toms River, NJ 08755
      Phone: (732) 505-6293

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        Thanks for this info, fershore. I'm moving close to this church in a month so this will come in handy.

        MGZ - I just got back from Mileto's with a 1/2 doz 'test' pierogies - two of which I just consumed. You were right - they're great. While in there, I commented on how good their homemade sauerkraut looked and wouldn't you know they slipped a nice-sized container into my bag! Class act!! By the way, the sauerkraut is amazing. Chunks of pork and mushrooms! Thanks again.

      2. I'll have to try Mileto's as well based on everyone here. OP - I remember pierogies from St. Vladimir's Church! I grew up in Elizabeth and my aunt's husband belonged there. I still think those were some of the best I've ever had!!!

        1. St. Vladimir's church pierogies had me hooked from the first potato to the multiple sauerkraut (my favorite) I consumed. My Grandmother, Anna, to her daughter (my Mom), Josephine, were lifelong parishoners. One dozen pierogies at a time for me became the norm. I now live in Los Angeles, CA and am subject to the frozen national brand. I just have very fond memories of a Monsignor Fedorek sermon, coupled with the delicious pierogies those fine women made at the church, making the weekends satisfying.

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            St. Vladimir's can't be beat. Maybe we should start a delivery service for down South, NJ.

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              Unfortunately they haven't made pierogies there in years. My family are still parishoners there. We were married there (Msgr Fedorek's last wedding RIP) and I went to school there. We used to be able to buy pierogies for lunch on Wednesdays!

          2. A family member recommended a Polish Deli at 816 Arnold Avenue in Point Pleasant for pierogies. I have not yet tried it myself but he grew up, as did I, in Perth Amboy. Between our relatives and the local churches, we are accustomed to the real deal so I will trust his recommendation. Hope they have favorite!!