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Mar 21, 2008 10:03 AM

A Barney Greengrass of Brookln?

We just moved to Brooklyn from the Upper West Side and while we love Brooklyn's wonderful array of cuisines (the eating is SOOO much better here), we do miss Barney Greengrass. Any suggestions on where to go for the perfect bagel with lox and sable would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. the answer is Manhattan for appetizing. the great lox and sable are all in manhattan nowadays.

    1. Best in Bklyn: Altogether Appetizing on Avenue P and E. 4th St.
      Closed on Sat.

      1. the best bagel in NYC can be found at the Bagel Hole in Park Slope
        Very good hand sliced lox and cream cheese can be found at blue apron in park slope

        add some capers, red onion at home.