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May 1, 2002 01:41 PM

Mastro's - Beverly Hills

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Went there for the first time the other evening. Group of eight co-workers (business dinner) in a private room upstairs. Over-the-top prices, even in this day and age of $35 steaks and $6 baked potatoes. We started with a three-tiered platter of shellfish (cracked lobster, huge oysters, cracked Alaskan crab legs). I can only imagine the cost. Most of us ordered salads of some sort, all of which were surprisingly small (and just fair). Then of course steaks. The waitress was touting the bone-in filet, saying several times that it is "the best steak in town". It's not - they simply cut the strip portion off of a porterhouse, leaving the filet with the bone intact. It's still just a filet. They do the reverse with their bone-in strip. I had a bone-in ribeye; the "small" version was 24 ounces. Very good (ate about half). The vegetable and potato sides are meant for more than one - spinach with garlic was pretty good, but I can do that at home for about one-tenth of the price; sauteed mushrooms were good; the highly-touted (again by the waitress) potatoes au gratin were pretty terrible. The wine list is, as expected, staggering in quantity and cost. The upstairs room attracts quite the bar crowd; I left at 11 PM (weeknight) and people were still pouring in. Would I go back? Not on my own nickel. Any of you have your own experiences?

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  1. The two times that we have been to Mastro's, we have been seated downstairs where the ambience is much more subdued than it is upstairs. I agree with your take on the steaks; good but not the best in town. I didn't think that the bone-in filet was anything special. I ordered the pork chop the second time and it was quite good. I thought some of the sides were good, especially the shoestring sweet potatoes (yams?). They make a big deal out of the sugar snap peas but I make them at home and they are just as good. The first time we went was to check it out for ourselves. The second time was for a business dinner and it was great for that. I would still go back for a business dinner but probably not otherwise. Well, except to have one of those delicious Cosmopolitans which I can do at the bar.

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      Jon Leventhal

      Agree pretty is mediocre, steaks ok, ambiance is sorta fun in a las vegasy way.

      ridiculously expensive, however, and the wine list is weak and overpriced. one of the worst in town, IMO.

      expense accounts only.