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Mar 21, 2008 09:13 AM

Dinner at Le Coq Au Vin- Orlando

Hey all! Thinking about taking my fiance to Le Coq au Vin for his college graduation- I know it's gotten raves on this board and many accolades, but we have never had this type of French cuisine before and I am looking for some recs as to what's the best on the menu. They have a menu on their website that looks absolutely amazing! I'm very interested in getting the Steak Tartare for an appetizer- never had it and heard much about it. For an entree, has anyone tried the Aubergine Bayou Teche or Canard (I've only had duck one other time, at a Thai restaurant, and loved it)? I assume their Poulet “Coq Au Vin” is their trademark dish- anyone tried this? Here is their menu if anyone is interested:

Thanks for any suggestions- I'm looking forward to an amazing meal!

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  1. You can't go wrong at Le Coq au Vin. Every dish is delicious. In fact, the only thing I ever didnt' love there was the Coq au Vin itself; it's OK (and yes, it's the signature dish), but I'd suggest venturing out.

    1. Just checked out their menu and it looks great -- now, call me stupid, but I noticed some of the entrees (and just one app - the onion soup) list two prices. For example, the Aubergine Bayou Teche is costs 23.00/16.00. Big or small portion maybe? Can any regulars clear this up?

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        I don't remember the exact details, but I remember learning the restaurant started offering half-portions, or something like that, a few months ago.

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          From what I could gather from various review sites online, they have smaller portions of all their dishes to make it easier to sample a variety of things- works out well for me since I would love to get a soup/appetizer AND dessert!

        2. Definitely get one of the dessert souffles. You have to order it when you order dinner, because they take 30 minutes to prepare.

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            I'll second the souffles. When my parents took me a few years ago for my birthday, I had the cassuolet, my dad and brother had the le coq au vin and my mom had the canard. We got escargot for an appetizer and ordered 2 souffles for dessert. It was very very good. A year later, my mom and I took my now-sister-in-law for her birthday for lunch, but they stopped doing lunch fairly recently.

            I recommend making a reservation if you're planning to go during what would be a busy time. Now, you have me craving it for when I'm visiting my parents in May (without my French food hating husband). Enjoy!