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Mar 21, 2008 08:22 AM

Restaurants near the Hudson Hotel?

Any reccomendations that could be within walking distance from this hotel? We also do not mind taking a short cab ride either.

We are there for three dinners, the first one being after a long travelling day which we may or may not be recovered from, but it is a Saturday night so still would want to have a reservation somewhere. I was thinking for one meal Babbo (lots of mention on this board) or Gordon Ramsey at the London. Thank you for any tips!

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  1. Gabriele, Time Warner Bldg has Bouley Bakery and Landmarc, and further up near Lincoln Center a few blocks are Josephina's, Fiorello, Bar Boulud, O'Neals and Nick and Toni's.

    1. I stayed at the 6 Columbus hotel twice in the last 2 months and it is located on the same street as the Hudson and you have many choices around the hotel. You don't have to pay for cabs and keep the money for the dinner. I always buy a metrocard, get yourself a map of NY, and off you go. I went to Centro vinoteca in January on 7h avenue and Bleecker in Greenwich village and I was there in maybe 15 minutes top by bus.

      If you want to stay close by there are many choices. I ate at Bar Boulud on Broadway just a bit north of Columbus circle and I loved it. The wines by the glass are excellent and not too expensive. I had the steak tartare and it was excellent. One night where the weather was just awful, I stayed in and had dinner at Blue ribbon bar and grill in the 6 Columbus hotel. If you love old style Italian, there is Nino's of tuscany on 58th street.

      I tried going to Ramsey at the London in January but did not like the feel of the place. I wanted to have dinner at the bar but it was filled with people obviously not there for the culinary experience. People were very loud, either with others or on their blackberrys(!), and the staff was not very welcoming. For a culinary experience, I want to try l'atelier de Joel Robuchon instead on another trip.