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May 1, 2002 10:57 AM

Best Mexican?

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Well, my MSN popped up this morning with headlines and I saw an article about where to go for cinco de Mayo. (I'm going to Rosarita Beach). It listed top Mexican restaurants according to a survey.


I looked at the LA list
)and read the number 1 choice - El Cholo. Yep.
Even in their review, it dissed the food - several dishes were described a not good. What kind of top choice is that? The MSN news network definitely needs chowhound advice, poor souls.

Maybe some of the recommendations are good? Here's the entire U.S. List.


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  1. Yikes - Casa Vega in the "audience" top ten?

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    1. re: soccerdad
      Claudine Too

      Look carefully, and you'll notice that the editors picked Guelaguetza as their top pick. El Cholo is the audience winner. As the long lines can attest, the masses obviously love that place.