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Mar 21, 2008 08:12 AM

"half and half" tea - Bmore

Can someone point me to a specific restaurant for something called "half and half" tea that's apparently served in storefront Chinese joints on the east side of Baltimore?

I was just reading Laura Lippman's new mystery and one of the characters makes note of this concoction which sounds intriguing to me.


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  1. Are you talking about half lemonade-half iced tea (aka an Arnold Palmer)? Those are widely available. But if you're talking about something else, maybe you can give use more details as to what it is!!!

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    1. re: scarlet starlet

      Gosh, I'm not sure, but that might be right. I just heard that term and didn't know what it was - thanks.

      1. re: scarlet starlet

        I did a quick web search, and all references I found indicate you're right about Palmer and the half lemonade, half iced tea concoction, but I'm really puzzled because I recall reading of his preference actually being half lemonade and half Coke. Maybe my memory's going!

      2. Is this maybe a half coffee/half tea bubble drink?

        1. It's half iced tea, half lemonade- you can even get it at starbucks now.

          1. When I lived in Central Virginia and Tennessee, we called iced tea that was a mix of half sweet tea and half unsweetened tea, "half 'n half tea".