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Mar 21, 2008 08:10 AM

Favorite Rehoboth Restaurants

I am a resident of Lewes and as a friend and I were trying to determine where to have a nice "girls night out" dinner next week in Rehoboth, I began realizing there are tons of dining options in Rehoboth, especially now that many have opened back up from winter break. I was thinking there are probably a number of great spots I have either forgotten about over the years or never tried.

What are your favorite Rehoboth restaurants and why?

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  1. My two favorites are Planet X and Espuma.

    Planet X for the funky setting, good food with several veggie options and always-friendly staff; Espuma for consistently great food and service.

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      The Stoney Lonen would be my first choice-- it offers a nice, relaxed "pub feel" with great food. Victoria's Boardwalk is a bit pricier, but the food's good and the view is awesome. I'd also say The Buttery, but if you're in Lewes, I'm sure that one already came to mind.

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        Planet X is one of those places I always forget about: I agree it is very good and I like the atmosphere there too. Is Espuma still run by the same chef that opened it or did it change hands?

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          Just an FYI. We were in Rehoboth this past weekend. Planet X has opened yet. Most of the seasonal places looked as though they were getting close. So I would suggest another week or so.

          We stopped into Pig and Fish on Saturday evening and were pleasantly surprised. The food was very good, we only had appetizers and grazed through the evening, but the rest of the menu looked great. A little more on the casual side, but still a fun place.

          And yes, Espuma has changed hands. I haven't been there in a long time. Those guys opened a place called Nage out on Route 1. I've never been, but we were sitting within earshot of the chef and his girlfriend/wife at brunch on Sunday. Just listening to his philosphy on food and atmosphere makes we want to get there very soon.

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            Nage is one of my favorite restaurants. You should give it a try! It's not a big place, and it seems they have established a pretty regular crowd. The food is very innovative, and the customer service is second-to-none. They have a steak night too - I'm not sure if they'll continue that into the summer - that is very popular, but I have never been to that.

            1. re: JenBoes

              We also overheard them talking about the expansion they have planned for their space. Evidently they are taking over the fish market next door. They're hoping to make that area into more of a lounge/tapas/bar type of atmosphere. We'll definitely end up there after the renovations.

              In a couple of weeks a new place will take over the space at 59 Lake. The new "Stingrays" is owned by the owners of Mikimoto's and Washington Street Ale house in Wilmington. Keep an eye out for that this summer also.

              Obviously, we are way past the night of your "girls night out", so where did you end up?

              1. re: meredity

                Well - we ended up not going. Sick kids, etc. It was a bust.

                But . . . I am very excited about the Nage expansion and Stingrays. I really liked Mikimotos, though I haven't been there in several years.

                When I get back to Delaware in June, we're going to try our girl's night out again. Maybe we'll try Stingrays. Have you heard anything about that new Hawaiian place in Dewey?

      2. "Go Fish" which is a traditional British Fish and Chip shop with the most amazing Deep Fried Beer Battered Cheesecake. Truly amazing.

        1. For really good pub grub, a great environment, and the best beer you will find up and down the East Coast, gotta hit the Dogfish Head brewpub. I venture down from NJ just for that place. Nothing better.

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            I agree. had the salmon sandwith in November on way to Ocean City and it was good. Just a fun place.