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Mar 21, 2008 07:42 AM

The best, most scenic place to see maple sap boiling and have food

Looking for the most atmospheric place to experience maple sap boiling and have breakfast, if not onsite than close to it. Prefer within a couple of hours of Manchester, NH.

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  1. have breakfast in montpelier, and then go to Bragg's farm (a couple miles out of town) for the syrup.

    1. Parkers Maple Barn, Brookline NH

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          FYI, you will get a lot of "Parker's hate" on this site but I've never had a bad meal. People have complained of bad pancakes, but they're always excellent when I have them. I am in RI and usually drive up every year at this time for a big breakfast. Haven't got there yet this few wks probably.

          1. re: JaneRI

            Parker's is nothing to write home about here in NH. I've had much better breakfast. Although my idea of a country breakfast is Coffee & Cream in No Smithfield RI. I tend to compare everything to them.

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              OP is looking for "maple sap boiling" and breakfast.

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                I live about 5 mins from Coffee & Cream and I would say THAT place is nothing to write home about. Omelets are "formed" a circle of scrambled eggs w/the fillings scrambled into the eggs, not a real omelet. Home fries are greasy (as are the salt & pepper shakers).

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                  Compared to breakfast in's a treat!

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              Darn, should have said *except* Parker's (been there numerous occasions).

            3. VT's open house maple sugar weekend is Mar 28-30. Here is the website for all the sugar houses that are participating in the open house weekend, broken down by county. Click the county on the map and it will take you to a listing of sugar houses, how they cook (wood, etc.), what activities will be featured, samples, you name it. There are several sugar houses that are also b&bs and feature maple themed dinners.


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                This is great Bri. Thanks very much. I'll be in the Rutland area this week-end and need to replenish my Grade B supply. I owe you one.............

              2. I really like this place, which is way up high for good views.

                Davenport Maple Farm 413-625-2866
                Norm Davenport & Family
                Directions: Off Rte 2 in Shelburne Ctr. Go north on Little Mohawk Rd., follow signs.

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                  I also love Davenport....nice restaurant too, but the wait is usually 1-2 plenty of time to enjoy the view!

                2. Here's a link from the Boston Globe on places to check out:


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                      At the bottom of this page (, there is a list of places around Manchester doing stuff. There's also a link on that page that gives the complete list of events all around N.H.