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Mar 21, 2008 07:38 AM

Lunch at The Smith Today-need recs

Gnocchi? Chips and blue cheese? Pork sandwich? Burger?

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  1. gutter, strangely enough this is one of the places i made it to during my NYC visit last month.

    definitely get the crispy fried calamari "brooklyn style", that was a big winner with the whole table. i followed that with ranchero scrambled eggs (we were doing brunch), was also good but the calamari was better. and an "apple crumble" sundae for dessert, that was actually very good too. prices are very reasonable.

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    1. re: oonth

      Thanks- I suspect the calamari won't rival the tako sashimi at 15 East.

      1. re: guttergourmet

        GG-2nd the calamari - sauce has a nice kick. The burger is pretty damn good. Great spot for lunch.

        1. re: guttergourmet

          no it wasn't the eating highlight of my week - that accolade goes to either the 15 East tako or the Yasuda peace passage oyster. then there was a couple of items at Amazing 66, a JG Melon cheeseburger (eaten nursing a hangover, perfect), my debut at DiFara, a Chinatown DiPalo Despana Sunrise Citarella Sakaya shop followed by a sensational meal at a friend's house, tacos at Tehuitzingo, the list goes on. i will get round to posting a report, i have a quiet easter weekend in store. btw one disappointment was El Quinto Pino, just didn't do it for me, the uni in the uni panini was drowned out by the mustard oil and the other items we ordered (cardoons, deep fried aubergine w/ honey) didn't wow either.

          i talked with the 15 East chef about the tako. it comes from spain and is slow cooked for 10 hours or so. came as no surprise, it reminded me of tako i was eating in galicia last year, as tender as you like. you know my theory about spanish and japanese being sibling cuisines, it's preparations like this that make me think that way.

          1. re: oonth

            Sounds like you hit my usual weekend spots. How was losing your virginity at DiFara? I hope you timed it OK.

            1. re: guttergourmet

              Nailed it with the advice of an Outer Boroughs hound transplanted to London who is a Di Fara regular. Got there at 11.40 on a Wednesday morning, was the first person to order (opted for rudimentary Italian which Dom seemed to appreciate) and had my regular pie within 10 minutes. As divine as people say, especially the first two slices piping hot, the quality of mozzarella is supreme.

      2. Pork sandwich is very tasty, with moist meat and the pickled slaw nice and spicy.
        I personally did not try the gnocchi but my friend's was a little leaden-looking

        1. Here's the quick report. The alsatian pizza was OK. The chips and blue cheese were fun but not special. The best thing about the gnocchi is that they vaguely reminded me of the gnudi at The Spotted Pig. The chocolate chip cookies were slightly well done. Not bad for a group. Beer was good. Cool place and definitely an improvement to the nabe over the former tenant, Pizzeria Uno (which should be outlawed in NYC anyway).

          1. Not sure if it is on the lunch menu, but the mac and cheese is great. The lamb schnitzel is quiet good too.