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Mar 21, 2008 07:26 AM

Looking for Pierogies to buy in Toronto

Hi all,

Where's the best place to buy pierogies to take home? I did a search on the website and found suggestions for the food court in Village by the Grange (Is this still a good place? and how much are they) and some suggestions in Roncevalles. All the suggestions were restaurants. I'd like to take them home and put them in my freezer so I can cook them up later. Any places that sells them frozen that are good without breaking the bank! Thanks

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  1. The Russian supermarket called "Yummy's" on Dufferin south of Finch (a little plaza with a Cdn Tire in it ). This place is awesome...I saw more varieties of frozen perogies than I have ever seen in my life! Be sure to look at their assortment of boxed chocolates/teas...don't know how good they are but the packaging is mind blowing (makes a good 'hostess' gift)
    p.s. I have tried the sauerkraut perogies and cheese ones and they were excellent.

    1. I like the ones from the St Lawrence Market. I get them at a place downstairs that seems to sell hot food as well, I think it's across from the Rice place. They sell them fresh, but I'm sure they would freeze fine. Just a few flavours to choose from, I think I usually just get the cheese ones and I'm always happy I did.

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        Second this place although I don't recall the name, but it is in the bottom level of the south market. They have great pirogies and many other selections and they arent frozen, just fresh.

      2. I second pearlD's suggestion of the Yummy Mart. Almost a full aisle of frozen perogies both savoury and sweet. They also have the biggest selection of fruit juices I've seen in a Toronto supermarket. The place is an adventure. Give it a try if you're in the neighbourhood.

        1. Bread and Roses ( Bloor West Village) sells small fresh packages to take home. I think Granowska's ( Roncesvalles) does this too.

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            I second Bread & Roses. Just west of there is a restaurant called Amber's and they make delicious perogies but I'm not sure about take home, maybe take-out. Roncesvalles is the polish area so there's probably a lot of places there.

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              Granowska's offers a variety of flavours in take-home packages. Benna's, down the street on Roncesvalles, also has frozen ones.

            2. Lots of the little bakeries / delis on Roncesvalles sells them by the dozen to take home.