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Looking for Pierogies to buy in Toronto

Hi all,

Where's the best place to buy pierogies to take home? I did a search on the website and found suggestions for the food court in Village by the Grange (Is this still a good place? and how much are they) and some suggestions in Roncevalles. All the suggestions were restaurants. I'd like to take them home and put them in my freezer so I can cook them up later. Any places that sells them frozen that are good without breaking the bank! Thanks

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  1. The Russian supermarket called "Yummy's" on Dufferin south of Finch (a little plaza with a Cdn Tire in it ). This place is awesome...I saw more varieties of frozen perogies than I have ever seen in my life! Be sure to look at their assortment of boxed chocolates/teas...don't know how good they are but the packaging is mind blowing (makes a good 'hostess' gift)
    p.s. I have tried the sauerkraut perogies and cheese ones and they were excellent.

    1. I like the ones from the St Lawrence Market. I get them at a place downstairs that seems to sell hot food as well, I think it's across from the Rice place. They sell them fresh, but I'm sure they would freeze fine. Just a few flavours to choose from, I think I usually just get the cheese ones and I'm always happy I did.

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        Second this place although I don't recall the name, but it is in the bottom level of the south market. They have great pirogies and many other selections and they arent frozen, just fresh.

      2. I second pearlD's suggestion of the Yummy Mart. Almost a full aisle of frozen perogies both savoury and sweet. They also have the biggest selection of fruit juices I've seen in a Toronto supermarket. The place is an adventure. Give it a try if you're in the neighbourhood.

        1. Bread and Roses ( Bloor West Village) sells small fresh packages to take home. I think Granowska's ( Roncesvalles) does this too.

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            I second Bread & Roses. Just west of there is a restaurant called Amber's and they make delicious perogies but I'm not sure about take home, maybe take-out. Roncesvalles is the polish area so there's probably a lot of places there.

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              Granowska's offers a variety of flavours in take-home packages. Benna's, down the street on Roncesvalles, also has frozen ones.

            2. Lots of the little bakeries / delis on Roncesvalles sells them by the dozen to take home.

              1. Bloor West Village at Bloor and Jane. The Ukranian Hall/Credit Union at the base of Jane at Bloor offers home made frozen Perogies of all kinds, Also sells homemade Cabbage Rolls. Made by the Ukranian Ladies in the Hall. BEST I HAVE EVERY HAD.
                Uke from Winnipeg.(now in Toronto)

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                  Hi AtomicKitty,

                  Do you know if they have specific hours? Or do you have a number to call them so I can find out? I would love to try the Ukrainian ladies perogies.

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                    I went to the base of Bloor & Jane and there is the Ukrainian social services there. Inside they sell perogies. Yes very good just like I remembered them as my ex-boyfriend was ukrainian and his mother made great perogies. Just not cheesy enough for me but the dough is so soft, you can eat many in one sitting. $5 a dozen. Thanks AtomicKitty!

                    I also tried the ones at Yummy's as I have never been to that store and always like to check out new places. They pretty good for fabricated ones. 6.99 for a big bag of small perogies 50/bag. I will try St. Lawrence next.

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                      Did you ever find out the hours at the Ukranian Hall/Credit Union?

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                        Hi Pincus,

                        The hall/credit union isn't...it's what I wrote above, the building says Ukrainian Social Services. yum....if you've ever had fresh perogies or vareneky as the ukrainians call them...if boiled, fried they they are called perogies. Anyways, when they're fresh, and boiled, the dough melts in your mouth and you can eat twice as many as you normally would...worth of try just for that.

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                          OK, did you ever find out the hours for the social services? :)

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                            Found a website for them, their hours are M-F 9-5. Not too convenient, but I'm going to fine a way to get there soon, or have someone who loves me get there for me! Thanks for the tip Atomickitty!

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                        Soft Perogies are great as you say and are due to the fact that sour cream is added to the dough, buttermilk in a pinch. It does make a world of difference from ones that are made with an eye to economy in production.

                  2. I absolutely love Yummys, but I didn't find the perogies that great. They have a pork cutlet, dipped and fried in egg and flour and covered with cheese and mushroom cream sauce that will make your eyes cross and clog your arteries it's soooo good. Their smoked fish and so many other things are fab, but the perogies... not so much. Being of Russian decent, I'm a bit fussy about perogies.

                    Another restaurant on Roncesvalles that I've been going to for years (you've also got to get their schnitzel platter with the creamed horseradish - yum!) is Polonez 195 Roncesvalles 416-532-8432. Cheap, bad decor, cheerful and full of real Ukrainians... just like it was in Poland when I was there.

                    I've never been to the Ukrainian Social Services on Bloor, but a foodie friend has highly recommended it. I definitely want to try it, and without even knowing, I can almost guarantee they'll be excellent. Just to get this ball in motion, I called them. http://tor.ucss.info/index.html
                    $5/dozen for potato and $6/dozen for meat or sauerkraut - I forget what she said. M-F 9-5. Now go, and get them and let us all know how they are. :-)

                    1. Superior Sausage on Dundas West across from Trinity Bellwoods Park has very good frozen pierogi. And, great kielbasa, sausages, smoked meats too ...

                      1. You can find awesome homemade perogies in some kosher/Jewish stores. Toronto has a lot of Russian Jews who made and sell them!
                        If you ever get to Thornhill (North Toronto) there is a kosher store just north of Steeles on Bathurst St and Chabad Gate. This store is called 'Taste of Israel'. They carry homemade perogies there! (Store is closed Saturdays).
                        There is also a Kosher Perogy company in the Finch and Dufferin area (501 Champagne Drive) called "Yummy Kosher'. They sell homemade ones!

                        Hope this helps!

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                          Also, the Polka Deli in Scarborough, Markham & Lawrence area, has tons of pierogies.


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                            I know it's an old post, but THANKS! My other half said she'd like Pierogi's for supper and this happens to be about 10 minutes from home! When I go out for some other chores will stop by and get some.

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                                Well they sure seemed to hit the spot last night. Went with the Bacon / Potato pierogi's. I believe they were $7.14 for 2 lbs.

                                Cooked them via the boil in salted water and then lightly browned in butter and olive oil along with some chopped onions.

                                Guess I will be trying more of their offerings!

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                                  Sounds fabulous! Have you been to the bakery (Piegus) in the same plaza around the corner? Still dreaming about their cream sticks!

                        2. Future bakery and cafe
                          106 North Queen
                          Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2E2
                          (416) 231-1491‎

                          1. Prague, on Queen west of Bathurst, sells their pierogies frozen. I haven't tried them, but the ones the serve in their restaurant are quite good. http://www.theprague.ca/

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                              The Ukranian Ladies have moved to the Ukrainian Club's new digs at Kipling and The Kingsway. Its now called Natalie's Kitchen and its located in what was a church. They are open T and Th only 12-7.

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                                Natalie's Kitchen gets my vote. The pierogies are fresh and tender plus you can get many varieties (plum,sauerkraut) as well as Ukrainian style holubtsi. Order in advance at 647 999-9564. Their hours have changed to 12-6 but they're open longer for holiday times. Here's a pic - loved the beet horseradish.