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Mar 21, 2008 06:52 AM

Decent restaurants North of Providence

Hi all.... I live in North Providence, and just want some opinions of restaurants in the North Providence, Johnston, Lincoln, Cumberland or Smithfield areas. Either Italian or a seafood type of restaurant. What is everyone's favorite? I tried Amore in Lincoln a few weeks ago after several people recommended it....It was horrible!!!! Worst Italian food ever!! Calamari was gross, and the chicken parm was horrible, the sauce was flavor at all....Thanks a bunch!!

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  1. Ralph's Bull & Claw in North Providence (I believe on Charles Street) has killer old-school Italian food. Not much in the way of a wine list, so it's not my choice for a nice night out. But for lunch or just a casual dinner, it can't be beat. The calamari is fantastic, and the veal is probably the best I've ever had.

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      I'll second Ralph's Bull and Claw. Go for the food and not the atmosphere or wine/beer, though.

    2. What is Amore in Lincoln? I've never heard of it. Could you mean Trattoria Romano in Lincoln? If so, I've only eaten there once and had a wonderful dinner. (service was excellent, hostess station was idiotic). A friend whose mom is one of the best Italian cooks I know loves that place. But I've read some bad reviews on here - maybe there is 1 good chef and 1 bad, and it's a question of who is on what night?

      I love d.carlo Trattoria right down the street from Romana....junction of 116, 7, 295. Wonderful!

      Vintage in Woonsocket. Haven't been in a while....It's been spotty on occasion, occasionally excellent, definitely more good than not-so-good.

      Giancarlo's in Woonsocket.

      Andrew's Bistro in Cumberland.

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        Hi Jane,

        Thanks for the info....Amores is in a little shopping plaza on Front Street in Lincoln....more near the Cumberland line....i go down breakneck hill road off 146 to get there.....maybe they had a bad chef that night too....

      2. I understand they've put a Carmine's at Twin River. The one in New York is a fun, family-style Italian place. I haven't been to this one yet.

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          Went to Carmines last Saturday night with a party of 8. We had to pre-order our food, which was a tad odd, but made it a lot easier once we got there. The stuffed mushroom appetizer was delicious. The chicken parm was excellent. And the pasta dish (with sausage, broccoli and something else) was a hit. I was super impressed. Only odd thing was that they brought out all 3 courses at once (and told us ahead of time that they were going to). Worked out fine, though.

        2. For red sauce Italian, I am a big fan of Reali's in Johnston. Not much in the way of decor or a wine list, but very good food and at reasonable prices.

          For chinese, both Americanized and Authentic, try Lucky
          Garden in North Providence.

          1. I've had takeout from Amore a few times and have enjoyed the food personally...

            I second Lucky Garden in North Providence. Also excellent for both Americanized and authentic is Red Gingner in Johnston.

            - Garris

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              Amore is lousy. Lucky Garden rules.