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Mar 21, 2008 06:34 AM

Hungarian Meat Market - Chester/Mont Cnty.

My husband is from Hungary and I am trying to find a place in Montgomery or Chester County that sells traditional Hungarian meats: kolbas, teli salami etc. There was a place on Rt 100, Jim's Meats, that has gone out of business. Any suggestions would be great!

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  1. I was told that Jim's kielbasa is available at Qmart on Rte 309N in Quakertown. Not sure about the other items Jim sold...many authentic Hungarian/East European. Can anyone advise?

    I used to work in Pottstown and Jim's was a regular stop for me...

    1. It's not Chester/MontCo, but Bell's Market in NE Philly has teli salami. I was originally taken there by a Hungarian friend

      1. There's got to be someone at Zern's in Boyertown who could help you.

        1. Nancy have you found a place to purchase the salami? I am looking for a place that sells Pick 100 Salami which is Hungarian. Thanks!

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            We did end up finding a lot of Hungarian meats at Rieker's Prime Meats in Fox Chase. If I remember, they have Pick 100.