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Mar 21, 2008 06:23 AM

Pastor Hamilton's - St Paul

Has anybody tried this place lately? Any other recs for local BBQ? Thanks

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  1. There was a chowdown report comparing ribs from last fall ( Consensus seems to be pretty good, but not as good as others.

    Other recs can be found in this thread:

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    1. re: bob s

      Last fall was a long time ago. I guess I don't understand why everyone always links to the past. Why not start new conversations?

      Anyway, I too would be interested if anyone has had any Pastor Hamiltons LATELY. I live near Ted Cook's, which has a new look.

      1. re: FishMPLS

        I guess your idea of lately and mine are different. Most restaurants don't change that drastically in 5 months. A year or two, perhaps.

        If someone wants to know about the best BBQ, it takes a lot of effort to completely rehash a conversation that's been had. I'd rather read the first conversation rather than try to have people say the same thing over and over...

    2. i ate at pastor ham's on friday after work...i had the half ribs, patato salad and beans, my girl hsd the pulled pork sammich with the same sides.... my ribs basiclly melted off the bone... the beans were top notch...and the p salad was good.... the sammich was great also... we finished with some peach cobbler and lemon pound cake.... i had just came backfrom kansas city 2 weeks ago and ate at gates bbq and aurther bryant's so i think i have a high standard, the good pastor had some bomb ribs....i will be back for more next week... i am just turned out on burnt ends and sad i cant get none up here in the twin cites.... on top of the great food the pastor was nice and friendly and made us feel real welcome.. that is as good as the food....

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          Pastor Hamilton's Barbecue is at 1150 7th Street E, near Phalen Blvd & Arcade St. It's off the beaten track, to be sure! Here's a Places link that includes a map.


          Pastor Hamilton's Barbecue
          1150 7th St E, St Paul, MN 55106

      1. Saturday we arrived shortly after 11 am. We ordered the pulled pork sandwich and jo jo's to eat in and a rack of ribs to take home. We live in Mpls, so capitalized on being in the general vicinity.

        Pulled pork was good. We really liked the buns. Fresh.
        Jo Jo's were HOT and good.

        We ate the ribs today, warmed in the oven, with sauce. Ribs were good quality and meaty, little fat
        The sauce isn't as sweet as other sauces we've had. It seemed to be missing the zip and spices we like in other sauces. The less sweet is nice. Being diabetic and loving ribs and pulled pork, I manage what and how much I eat.

        Decision: We would definately return, but when we are closer to the neighborhood. We won't make it a destination from north Mpls.