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Mar 21, 2008 06:17 AM

Good Eats Around Portsmouth, R.I.?

I know Newport isn't far away. Anything ethnic in the area? Hidden gems?

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  1. Bristol might be closer to you then npt,and theres a full range of restaurant to choose from.perrsimmon(high end)to aidans(irish pub)central cafe(portuguese)and everything inbetween,bristols got it all,and tons of seafood too.the only thing it really doesnt have is a good coffee place,but warrens right down the rd.

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    1. re: im hungry

      Fall River has good Portugese food O-Gils, Academica try the portugese steak at both. upgrade to the sirloin at both if available. Try uglyAmerican for a good Burger, also in Fall River on new boston rd.

    2. there is a new restaurant on east main road called fieldstones (the old Portsmouth oyster bar ) there is also 15 Point road right on the water. about 10 minutes from there off of 24 is the Boathouse beautiful location great food also on the water in Tiverton.

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          im sorry,there is a good coffee place in bristol on franklin,called the bumblebee cafe,just off hope st.,on the water side.they opened end of last summer,good pastry too....

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          Just had to comment on Fieldstones. My husband and I go there all the time. We have been waiting for a decent place to open up in portsmouth forever. Its a great place for a beer and a burger. nice staff, cozy atmpsohere, good food. I really cant complain...apparently neither can any other locals, the place is always packed!

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