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Mar 21, 2008 05:36 AM

Current Status of Wegmans in Landover and Crofton?

Does anyone know what are the current status of Wegmans construction in Landover and Crofton? I don't often drive by these locations so I don't know what's going on there. Last time (which was about a few weeks ago) I drove by Waugh Chapel in Crofton, I saw bulldozers and a large water retention pond had been dug, but other than that, no obvious sign of constructions. And Wegman website still has the date set as "TBD". I've been googling for news every once in a while, but the latest news date to around middle of 2007.

Yes, I'm really anxious to have either Wegmans open yesterday, especially as Virginia and Hunt Valley are too far for me to drive with gas being what it costs now!

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  1. Ditto for the one in Manassas/Dale City. Anyone know when that is planned to open?

    I can't find on the Wegmans site where the "stores in development" link moved to.

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        It was hiding from me!

        June isn't too far away, and gives me someplace to hit on my way back from dropping off the SO at Quantico. Whee it'll be nice!

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          8 miles closer to me than the one in Fairfax, but it's better than nothing.

          1. re: monkeyrotica

            it's also easier to get to - right off 95, none of this rt 66 business, for those of us on the fairer side of the potomac :)

    1. I didnt realize how spoiled I was living up in Ithaca for the past few years (one of the first Wegmans). Then when I came down to the wasteland of supermarkets.. can you believe the one up there is 24 hours and a hangout for the college kids! As they moved down the east coast, they have gotten a lot more refined and hoity toity.. which isnt a bad thing.

      That being said Hunt Valley is a drive for me too, and not even whole foods has the same feel for me as Wegmans does.

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      1. re: Turkeybone

        The Wegmans in Ithaca made my college years so much more awesome. There's just something about being able to get gourmet (or any) items at all hours of the night for a post-party or study-extravaganza feast that no other grocery store has been able to match. Not to mention that their produce selection is always on point and their organics aisle is also. And while I'm at it, the bulk aisles and the Mediterranean bar are above and beyond those of any other grocery store i've ever been to.. I've been making trips out to Fairfax every now and then to get my Weggies fix, but I'm looking forward to these new expansions!

      2. The Wegman's in Crofton won't be going up until 2009 at the earliest, the center is called Village South. But the center will include a movie theater, Target, Best Buy, and restaurant & shops. Check out

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        1. re: live full

          Yeah, I've been to that site. The information at that website is a bit stale, with news dating back to February 2007 at the latest. I'm looking for more current information. Where did you get the information about the 2009 date?

          1. re: lolajl

            I found this when i was looking around the net about Wegmans and the waugh chapel south are set to open around fall of 2010.

        2. The Wegman's in PG County is part of a large mixed-use (residential/commercial) development called Woodmore Towne Centre. Right now the residential portion of the development has a Detailed Site Plan application pending. The developer hasn't submitted anything on the commercial side of the development since they got their preliminary plan of subdivision approved in July 2006.

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          1. re: treetop tom

            I'm wondering if Wegmans is having cold feet about the Woodmore location.

            Woodmore/PG Cty isn't what it was when Wegmans announced it was building a store there about 2-3 years ago.

            Even if they put a store there, my bet is that it will be small.

            Check out any big box retailer in PG and most of their stores are smaller compared to ones in other counties.

            Case in point the Best Buy and Macys at the Bowie Town Center.


          2. I know this is two years later, but I see there is an opening planned for October 24, 2010 of the Landover Wegmans.