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Mar 21, 2008 03:50 AM

Chew Chew's Diner

A new Diner just opened up on Carlton (in between Sherbourne and Parliament). There is some great artwork on the side of the building and the interior looks quite nice. Not much seating room and it is always busy.

They opened up just a few months ago and it is pretty much inevitable that I will give it a shot. Plus from the local people I have talked to it is quite good.

I wanted to see if any other TO chowho's have tried it out yet.

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  1. Have been twice for brunch in the last month and can recommend them highly. Menu features the usual suspects - Eggs Benny & Florentine are nicely done with three eggs, lemony hollandaise, and non-greasy home fries. Coffee is good, service is friendly, and the interior is clean and bright. You can't swing a set of rosary beads without hitting one of the three churches in the immediate neighbourhood, so I expect Sundays will be busy!

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    1. I've been several times. I quite like it. I mean, it's not fine-dining, but it's very good diner food. I've had a tasty burger there, a chicken caesar salad (good juicy warm chicken breast), breakfast several times. I've enjoyed everything I've tried.

      The people working there are lovely, basically it's a good comfort food kind of place.

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        It's worth noting that they now have (absolutely delicious) fresh cut fries and have stopped using frozen vegetables as their vegetable sides. I'm a big fan of their hot-beef sandwich, but the burger is delicious too. I also enjoy the chicken caesar salad, but make sure to ask for no bacon, they use those baco-bits which are not nice with the chicken.

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          This place sounds great, next time I am downtown I am hitting it.

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            I had brekkie at Chew Chew's just yesterday. I ordered Eggs Benedict and I was happy, happy, happy. The fresh squuezed juice is a bonus, friendly waiter, clean and affordable.

            I'll be back.

      2. BF used to live in the neighbourhood, and we went to Chew Chew fairly often. Good big breakfasts, and very friendly service. Their banana bread is really good, too.