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Mar 21, 2008 12:55 AM

Good food in Tamarac

My in-laws recently moved to a 55 year or older community. We've been driving around looking for what appeared to have good food, but no luck. Whatever we were referred to was mediocre. We're not looking for anything fancy, We just want good home style cooking.
Sharon Lebewohl

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  1. Have you tried Cheddar's, just West of University on the North side of Commercial Blvd.?

    1. there is ferro's on university, fra diavalo on university, la vie en rose on 441 in margate (one town over), big bear brewery in coral springs.

      1. Gabose on University between Commercial and Oakland is top notch korean and across the street is Pastrammi Care for Kosher style Deli.

        Don't know cheddars but la vie en rose is excellent and big bear brewery isn't bad for what it is.