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Mar 20, 2008 10:55 PM

What is a good supermarket or grocery store in the Las Vegas area?

I'm thinking about moving to Las Vegas. While reaserching everything Las Vegas has to offer I haven't found a grocery store as good as in Los Angeles.

I'm looking for a store like Howes,Gelsons or Bristol Farms. I have been to Whole Foods in Henderson and Summerlin and wasn't too impressed. Are there any supermarkets better than Vons, Albertsons and Smiths?

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  1. I am from Los Angeles and I reside in Las Vegas. The only thing close is Trader Joes. There are some independent places such as the International Market Place near the Orleans, etc.

    1. From another recent thread where someone inquired about farmers markets in Vegas, I don't think you'll find any farmers' markets comparable either. Certainly not to Santa Monica or Hollywood or any of the other good ones that we're so lucky to have.

      1. as a part time so cal guy , part time vegas guy, i'm familar with the places you mention - i feel whole foods is comparable to gelson's and bristol ...i admit i prefer bristol farms but i think whole foods is close in variety, quality, high prices, etc...howe's is all about the meat ...great sale prices on prime cuts and i like how they sharpen my knives.... yeah...not much else beyond what others have suggested - there is also the new chain - fresh and easy but i compare that more to trader joe's then gelson's or bristol farms ...but they have a few gems's worth a looksy.

        good luck

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          I've been meaning to checkout Fresh and Easy (there is a new one near my house); thanks for the reminder. For the OP: I just moved to Las Vegas, and grocery stores aren't its strong point. Of the big chains, I like the bigger Albertson's the best...although the produce was better back in Reno at Raley's. The big Albertson's do have a good variety, including a variety of foreign food...even some Indian items that usually are never found in a major grocery store. Smith's drives me crazy: everything is packaged for large families...I practically had to cry to the butcher to get him to give me less than a pound of hamburger meat. And they don't have any "hot" hot sauce...medium is as wild as they go....

          Also for the OP: You might check out the Rainbow Market on Rainbow near Jones. Its closer to Trader Joes, but more organic products. And very good prices.....I always find interesting things in there.....(There might be more than one Rainbow Market in the area, but that's the one I know...)

          1. re: janetofreno

            OK, no more posting late night for me. That would be the SUNFLOWER market on Rainbow near Flamingo. Jones and Rainbow don't intersect, as any self-respecting Las Vegan already knows......Anyway, its worth checking out.....

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              I also give a thumbs-up to Sunflower Market. The other location is on E. Tropicana, and Pecos.
              NOTHING in Vegas will be like Gelson's. Don't ever expect that. Gelson's is a rare anomoly out there, no place in Vegas will even get close, even if Whole Foods tries and tries.

              The bigger Albertson's (Horizon Ridge and Eastern is a noted one) in town are surprisingly good, for a chain like that. Very clean, organized and good variety of veggies. The meat is good, and the bakery has a few gems worth getting.

              Gelson's has good stuff, but from when I worked at one back in the early 1990's in the Valley..HUGE snob appeal. People 's loyalty to that small chain was mind-blowing. For many, they shopped there, because their circle of friends did, as well. They'd STILL complain about prices being high!! What do you expect, your shopping in a high-end place!?! It confused me to no end.

        2. The short answer is no. I shopped at Gelson's since 1965. Even when I lived in neighborhoods with no nearby Gelson's, I would take the time to drive 5-10 miles. Ralph's, Lucky's Safeway... BLAH! PTUI!

          The Pavilions in West Hollywood was the only supermarket I ever found that actually had a better selection of vegetables than Gelson's. When I moved to the west San Fernando Valley, there was an Irvine Ranch Market that had a better selection of meat than Gelson's and an attached cookware store that was to die for, but once you've shopped at Gelson's, nothing else even comes close.

          Grocery shopping in Las Vegas is one disappointment after another. One small Albertson's near me has bulk herbs but the rest of that store sucks. The other big Albertson's don't have bulk herbs. WHY???

          99cent Ranch markets in Southern California sell live Maine lobsters for $9.99/lb.
          99cent Ranch markets in Las Vegas sell live Maine lobsters for $12.99/lb. WHY???

          Not one supermarket in Las Vegas has a salad bar. NOT ONE! Whole Foods, which I view as a specialty market, does have a salad bar but it's $7.50/lb. Salad bar at Gelson is $4.00/lb.


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          1. re: shamu613

            Because Everything is Trucked up there. Oil $110 a barrel, Gas, Diesel prices go up....... Food has to travel farther.

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                Ok Truck, Plane, Boat. All use as Fuel Something refined from Oil....

                1. re: Skunk2Racer

                  So it costs to ship lobsters to Las Vegas, but they magically appear in Los Angeles? Las Vegas is closer to the source but costs more to ship here???

                  Gimme a break!

            1. re: shamu613

              Looking at the 99 Ranch website Of All stores listed in the United States. The Las Vegas 99 ranch is the ONLY one listed as "Independent Licensee" I guess since He or She has to pay for the license They are Justified to charge more the goods.

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                The big Albertson's near me (Durango and Farm) has bulk herbs. But admittedly you aren't going to drive out there to shop unless you live near there. Sunflower market has them too...another good place for bulk herbs is the Mediterranean Market on Spring Mountain near Jones.

                1. re: shamu613

                  Have you tried Glaziers? Its not a perfect grocer... but its 10x better than most. Full butcher, ginormous food court and salad bar, almost a 1 stop shop.... except their frozen fruit selection is mediocre at best. but if you aren't a big berry smoothie maker, you won't notice LOL