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Mar 20, 2008 09:33 PM

HK - Any great, cheap recs in TST?

Heading to HK on Sunday and would appreciate recommendations on great, cheap (OK, they don't have to be all that cheap) dining options in Tsim Tsa Shui.


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  1. My guidebook says

    Sun Fat HK style cafe, on 26 to 28 Cameron Road in TST, is open 24 hours.

    Macau Cafe on Jui Lok Road (not sure the English name) #25-27 is also 24 hours, and they have the signature pork chop bun and Portugese style baked egg tart.
    Wing Wah is also nearby, not 24 hour, but they have an in house bakery.

    Hankou Rd #43 is another HK cafe and on top of that they sell Cantonese BBQ (cha si etc).