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Mar 20, 2008 09:20 PM

MSP-Wedding cakes?

We're looking into finding a bakery to do our wedding cake. We've heard about Buttercream. Any other suggestions?

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    1. Jessica's Cakes. Hands down. She has the flair of Gateaux at a much more reasonable price. The cake is delectable (we had a combo of chocolate cake with espresso mousse and cinnamon-star anise cake with ginger mousse), and to say she is a wizard on par with "Ace of Cakes" would be an understatement. I am stumbling over my keyboard in an attempt to convey how great she is to work with. When I met her, she actually jumped up and down as I described my idea for our nontraditional wedding cake- that totally sold me, as anyone who could get as excited about it as I was would put her heart into her work-- and wow, did she ever!!

      I will try to find a photo of our wedding cake to post

      1. The Country Cake Cupboard in Long Lake, west of Minneapolis. Very friendly, April (baker) and staff are very easy/fun to work with and, most importantly, delicious cake! Buttercream frosting with a variety of cake options. It's been a few years, but I remember their prices as being reasonable too.

        1. Here are some pictures of the cake.

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            I'm sold. It's Friday of a brutal week, I had a long, snowy commute in to work, and I'm not fully awake yet. I glossed over your post and thought "what's up with the cheese shop photos...I wanted cake!" After a while it hit me.

            Great idea and spectacular execution.

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              Bravo makes amazing cakes! --

              The website is kind of clutzy, but it's worth it. All sorts of awesome fresh fruit on the cakes (and inside!).. real whipped cream (not shortening).. simply lovely.

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                That was the beauty of it! People thought it was actual wheels of cheese, but it was cake! It was the talk of the evening (along with the 16 foot long cheese table). Sue Zelickson was blown away-- and she's a hard dame to impress.

                Jessica was so pleased with it that she made a dummy version of it to take to wedding shows.

                Jessica's Cakes
                870 Dodd Rd, St Paul, MN

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