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Peruvian chicken - replacement for El Pollo Rico?

We live in Germantown (well, not for long, but I digress) and we would regularly drive to Wheaton to get El Pollo Rico chicken. Now that they're closed after the fire, we're clueless as to where to go! We had El Pollo Sabroso with friends, and it was delicious, but it's too far for us to drive for takeout.

Anyone have any suggestions for replacement Peruvian chicken? We're willing to drive to Silver Spring, Wheaton, Bethesda, Rockville, etc. Nothing further south than Chevy Chase Circle, if possible. I know there are a few in VA that people have recommended (Super Pollo, Edy's, the other EPR, etc.), but it's just too far. :(

I've heard good things about Chicken on the Run in Bethesda: http://www.chickenbethesda.com/ but I'm skeptical. It seems too good to be true - fabulous Peruvian chicken a block from my work? Is it true? I looked for reviews on here, but couldn't find much.

Any suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated! Please help this pollo addict get her chicken fix. ;)

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  1. Try Crisp and Juicy in Silver Spring (on East West Hwy) or Rockville. I've always preferred their chicken to tell you the truth...they also have great yuca fries.

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      I agree. I live in Arlington and we prefer Crisp & Juicy over El Pollo Rico too. They're both delicious, but I adore those yuca fries and the spice combination on the chicken. I think you would really enjoy Crisp & Juicy!

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        I agree with the Crisp and Juicy supporters! I used to go to El Pollo Rico often, but the yuca fries and excellent spicy sauce at C&J won me over.

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          There's at least one C&J closer than that one on East-West. One's in the lower of the Wheaton mall. I think the yucca there is good but for chicken and the plantains, it's EPR hands down.

          But I'm headed for the surviving chicken places in the same strip.

        2. 5 stores down from el pollo rico (in Wheaton) is superchicken, which I think is better than Pollo Rico

          1. I thought that place in bethesda closed?

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              Jeserf - It may have - I was just looking at their website, but I've never seen it in person. I KNEW it was too good to be true!!

              Thank you guys so much. So my husband and I will be picking up a chicken from Crisp & Juicy tonight, and we'll try Superchicken in the coming weeks.

              The parents are in town in April, and there's one night where I don't feel like cooking and I know they LOVE chicken, so we have to do research before we get takeout chicken with them.

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                in case you get confused when you go to superchicken (there are like 7 chicken places in that strip alone), they are the ones that play the music outside and the dining area still has decoration from its former asian restaurant days.

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                  So Superchicken is in the same strip mall as EPR was, right? And they're still there, they didn't burn down?

                  I can't tell you how excited I am for Crisp & Juicy tonight. They have a Rockville location - that's where we're planning to go - is it as good as the Silver Spring location?

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                Pretty sure Chicken On The Run is still open. Worth a look-see/taste for MPJ since she works in the neighborhood.

                1. re: Mister Big

                  Okie dokie...I'm calling them right now to see if they're open...

                  and the survey says..............they're open!

                  I'll try this one day at work - it's literally around the corner from my work!

                  ETA: I'm referring to Chicken on the Run.

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                  Jeserf, Chicken on the Run is very open. You might be confusing it with Chespeake Chicken which recently closed and was mediocre to bad.

                  MPJ, We had Chicken on The Run's fiesta deal (whole chick, 2 lg sides and tortillas for $18 +/-) for dinner wednesday night. All was as tasty as EPR (we had chicken, yucca & rice & beans)... except for El Pollo Ricos mayonaise sauce was spicier/better. Chicken on the Run is a small place, so plan for takeout only. It's right next to the County parking garage on St Elmo.

                  People in my office really like their Chop Chop salad for lunch, but I've never had it.

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                    Is it Chesapeake Chicken and Rockin Ribs that closed?

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                      On Zagat it says "this property is temporarily closed".

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                      Good news on all fronts! Thank you for the review of Chicken on the Run. I have a feeling I'll be bringing a chicken home one night after work next week. :)

                      That mayonnaise sauce from EPR was to die for - especially when you mixed it with the spicy sauce - yum.

                      I'm excited to try Crisp & Juicy tonight. All this chicken talk has made me hungry.

                      Another quick question: Do all of these places (Crisp & Juicy, Chicken on the Run, Superchicken) cook their chicken on a rotating spit like EPR did, or are they cooked differently?

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                        Chicken on the Run is on rotating spits -I think the big oven is wood fired also.

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                          As a note, C&J's green sauce is different than EPR's - much more garlick-y rather than spicy. It's delicious though.

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                            Is it more like the white garlic sauce (toum) from Lebanese Taverna? That stuff is magical.

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                              So I'm reporting back with a review!

                              We got takeout from Crisp & Juicy on Rockville Pike. We got the $8.90 "super platter" which was 1/2 chicken, french fries, 2 small containers of sauce, and cole slaw (well I wanted to order the regular super platter with the salad and get an additional side of cole slaw, but things got lost in translation and there was plenty of food anyway), and we had to suffer the 13 miles back to our place smelling that incredible chicken!

                              So we split up the chicken (thigh and leg for yours truly, breast and wing for the Mr.) and fries and cole slaw, and there was definitely more than enough food for the 2 of us. For $8.90, it was a great deal.

                              Now the taste: very good! It wasn't as heavily seasoned as EPR, but the breast meat was nice and moist and the flavor was great. The french fries and cole slaw were the same as EPR - okay, but nothing to write home about. And the sauce was DELICIOUS! Loved the sauce.

                              So overall we were pleased! We still have some eating to do - Chicken on the Run and Superchicken are next on the list.

                              Thank you guys for the recommendations! I had no idea this place even existed.

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                                Equally as good as Crisp & Juicy, maybe better, is Jr.'s Chicken in Old Town Gaithersburg. It is also an easier drive from Germantown.

                    3. When I was in the area my friends and I would go to Chicken on the Run all the time... I actually prefer it to Crisp and Juicy (at least their Rockville Pike location).

                      COTR's yuca fries as well as their red beans and rice are both great. I definitely recommend checking out Chicken on the Run

                      1. Another suggestion -- I'm partial to Don Pollo on Viers Mill Road just west of Twinbrook Parkway. They have yucca, and their sauce is good. Like most, their other sides are just okay, but the chicken is always moist and well-spiced. Next door to the Twinbrook Deli, home of an excellent cold-cut sub.

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                        1. re: marianna trench

                          So is Pollo Rico totally done now? (not re-opening that is)?

                          1. re: beauxgoris

                            Just drove by the new building in the area that was once the Anchor Inn in Wheaton (University and Georgia) and one of the spaces had a "Coming Soon El Pollo Rico" banner up. Hadn't noticed it before ... but looks a long way from being ready.

                            Nice space, but parking might be an issue -- not that it was good at the old place.

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                                Drove by the old Chesapeake Chicken location in bethesda today and it says: Pollo Carl (?) coming soon. So I guess that means bethesda will have it's own pollo joint soon!

                        2. All this talk of great chicken outside the city has me jealous. Does anyone know of any decent Peruvian pollo places within the city limits?

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                            CMACDC: In DC, try the place across the street from Kalaroma Park on Columbia. I think it's either called Granjero or Granja del Oro (there's one with each name [or something like those names] on Columbia one above and one below 18th, but I get mixed up which is called which.).

                            1. re: mselectra

                              It's Granja del Oro, aka THE ORIGINAL PERUVIAN ROTISSERIE CHICKEN. And it's aaaaaaaaaaamazing! Best rotisserie chicken I've ever had. Fried yuccas and plantains are great, too.

                              The other place on Columbia Rd. is Pollo Granjero, which is still on my queue of things to try. Apparently it's friend, not roasted, but is equally delicious.

                              1. re: SouthShore

                                We had breakfast at Pollo Granjero this morning and liked it alot. Eggs over easy, refried beans (practically bean soup) and fried plantains. We're visiting from NoCal and liked this enough that we're probably going to pick up a chicken with sides for Sunday night's dinner. That's our last night here and we can make sandwiches for lunch on the airplane the following day. I recommend it.
                                ETA: According to their menu, they have fried chicken pieces or whole chicken roasted.

                                1. re: c oliver

                                  I actually prefer Granja del Oro to Granjero, by a little (not that I go to either all that often) -- never had breakfast there, though, great tip!, since it's just a couple blocks from our place. If you're in Kalorama (seem to remember from other posts?), you would have walked by Granja del Oro on your way up Columbia, and it is the rotisserie style with that good green sauce.

                                  1. re: mselectra

                                    Hey, thanks for that! Yes, we're staying on Connecticut about a half block from Kalorama Rd. so that's VERY convenient. We'll pick one up for Monday's dinner and sandwiches for the flight home. BTW, we ADORE your wonderful city.

                                    1. re: c oliver

                                      Hope you like it! I haven't been in quite a while, and as you can tell from this thread, people around here take Peruvian chicken very seriously, and real chowhounding for it would take you out of the city -- but sometimes convenience trumps. I would ask for extra green sauce. Seems to me we've enjoyed the fried yuca, too.

                                      (Another convenient place to you, which might be good for food to carry on the plane is Julia's Empanadas, on 18th right below Columbia.)

                                      Very glad you enjoyed your stay here. I think you chose a good time of year to be here, few tourists but still some nice weather -- and it's been a beautiful autumn. Have a good trip.

                                      1. re: mselectra

                                        This was hands-down the best rotisserie chicken we've ever had. I'm a white meat lover and it's almost always overcooked. This chicken was perfect. Best skin (mmm) and super moist. We weren't interested in a real meal as we'd had a rich lunch so just noshed on chicken. Then I made us chicken sandwiches (nothing but chicken and mayo) for the airplane. I love chicken sandwiches and these were great. mselectra, thanks for guiding me to this. Perfect ending to a great, great trip. Still owe the DC hounds some review but any reading this, please know it wouldn't have been nearly as good without your generous help. Thanks.

                          2. For what it's worth a place called La Brasa Grill opened recently in the shopping center on 118 and Wisteria (behind Rita's). I've never eaten there so I can't recommend it, but it may be worth a try.

                            1. There's a new rotisserie chicken place in Beltsville that hasn't opened yet. I can't recall the name, but it's on Rt. 1, near the Arbys.

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                              1. re: 4X4

                                The place in Beltsville is called Sardi's.

                                1. re: neibor

                                  Sardi's is excellent. The chicken is sooo good - my friends and I call it "crack chicken" it's so addictive. And the sides are pretty good too, the sauces are delicious and there is more than just chicken. They offer a lovely deboned chicken half (pollo 'Ever'), beef hearts, ceviche, salchipapas, lomo saltado, and chicharron de pollo. Mmmm good. My husband and I go there about once a week.

                                  1. re: AngloAmerican

                                    I completely disagree about Sardi's. It's awful -- rubbery skin and the flavors do not get down in to the meat of the chicken. FAIL. It's not the worst I have ever had, but it is clearly near the bottom of the pack. JMHO.

                                    1. re: Pool Boy

                                      I guess I'd better try the other places then; perhaps if I'm easily satisfied by Sardi's, I'll be thrilled by the others! :)

                                      1. re: AngloAmerican

                                        I've tried a couple of other places in PG and Sardi's is still my favorite. Perhaps Pool Boy just hit it at a bad time?

                                        1. re: Mer_Made

                                          This is entirely possible that I hit it on an off day. But honestly, life's too short to give places that fail to deliver the first time another shot since there are consistently better places to go, or new places to try. Kenny's in Four Corners is even worse.

                                          There are two new places in Laurel that I haven't tried yet -- Pollo Campero (obvious chain, so suspect already in my book) and another place two doors down that hasn't opened yet. Megachicken delivers a better overall product, IMO, than Sardi's.

                                          Also, it's a better idea to head over to Wheaton to get the real deal, or even Chicken on the Run in Bethesda.

                                          1. re: Pool Boy

                                            Pollo Campero is fried chicken from central America. They have a sweet basting sauce. It's best to buy it, stick it in the fridge and eat the next day.


                                            1. re: Pool Boy

                                              I've been looking at Megachicken everytime I mourn "Gourmet Shish Kebab" becoming "Espionage Kebab" driving to the Parkway from Laurel.

                                              1. re: AngloAmerican

                                                What happened to the kebab place? Has it transformed in to something else?

                                                1. re: Pool Boy

                                                  Oh, no, it's still a kabob place, and I imagine pretty good, but the owner plead guilty to spying for Saddam Hussein, gathering info on US residents opposed to SH, using his restaurant as a gathering place for Iraqi intelligence operatives, and trying to gather information on Fort Meade and the National Security Agency.

                                                  I won't go there as he or his wife are still there. Also the cook was part of the operation and may or may not be in jail now. (He was caught trying to cross the border at Buffalo.) It's a shame as spy or not, the place had some good food. But sdomehow now it'd stick in my throat.

                                2. There is also a place in Laurel on Rt. 198 (Anne Arundel County area)called Mega Chicken. I haven't been there yet but plan to go soon.

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                                  1. re: neibor

                                    What's the feeling on "Chicken on the Run"? Authentic? How are the sauces?

                                    1. re: beauxgoris

                                      chicken on the run is a definite hit. good yuca and beans. the sauces are above average

                                  2. A sign posted on a building on University Blvd between Grandview and Georgia is indicates that EPR is opening soon in that location!

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                                      1. re: repete

                                        Yeah. I'll drive by again and see if I can get some deets including date and progress report. Also, it looks like a Filipino restaurant is opening next door to the new EPR.

                                        1. re: Super Salad

                                          Just kidding, SS, see my post of 4/18 on this thread ...

                                          It looks like there might be a couple of places in that new building. The density of good eats within three blocks of that spot is amazing, although not as diverse as it was back when there was Sabang and the Malaysian Satay House in the 'hood.

                                          1. re: repete

                                            WOW! So we finally tried Chicken on the Run (didn't realize it was so close to where we live) - anyway we loved EPR and were distressed when it closed. We tried a bunch of other local Pollo places which were all good enough, but not as good as EPR. COTR was MUCH better than EPR! Here's why: COTR is done in a specially build stone oven with red hot coals. Apparently this is the *authentic* traditional way to cook it. EPR just had the rotissierie with the gas flame - not real coals. You can really taste the difference. The chicken was spiced just the same - but the smokiness came through. I also prefer the white sauce of COTR. The green is the same as all the other places - but their creamy sauce was more garlicky with a touch of spice. It also didn't hurt that COTR looked way cleaner than EPR. The sides were wonderful. The corn on the cob was delish, kind of sweet! The plank fries were good as was the coleslaw. All in all I'm totally sold. EPR burning down was the best thing that could have happened for me food wise. Otherwise I never would have gone there.

                                            1. re: beauxgoris

                                              I am looking forward to trying COTR in Bethesda since I will be working in Bethesda soon. I'd love to seehow it compares to Que Rico in Owings Mills, MD (my gold standard). The thing I generally am most disappointed in with Peruvian chicken joints is that they don't make the green sauce a sauce -- it is often just pureed jalapenos. That's just heat and no real flavor if you ask me. Que Rico nails this by blending some (most likely jalapeno) green elements with a mystery cocktail that makes the green stuff an actual sauce.

                                              I've been to Megachicken in Laurel twice now and it is good, but not great. It's main draw is that it is in Laurel, which is where I live.

                                              1. re: Pool Boy

                                                I live in Owings Mills and have been to Que Rico, you are dead on their sauces but I much prefer the chicken places in the DC area, I used to frequent Super Chicken and El Pollo (RIP)at least 4 times a week when I lived in the DC area. I even make the long commute just to taste the herbs and spices to this day (that chicken is addictive). Usually to Super Chicken now.

                                                I think I prefer the DC places because they use charcoal/wood ovens as opposed to Que Rico which uses gas. You just don't get the same flavor. I will give Que Rico props on the size of the birds though, but the flavor and juicyness is lacking.

                                                I do like Que Ricos fries and Rice also.

                                                I've also tried a place in Towson (can't remember the name)but doesn't compare to the old standbys in the DC area. Any other suggestions in the Baltimore area?

                                                Tried Mega Chicken one time and it wasn't bad. Crisp and Juicy is not bad but not as flavorable as El Pollo and Super Chicken.

                                                El Pollo was king!! It brings a tear to my eye every time I think of their demise.

                                                1. re: vansmack

                                                  El Pollo Rico in Wheaton is supposed to reopen in the new strip mall that is built on the spot of the old Anchor Inn.

                                                  El Pollo Rico in Arlington is still open.

                                                  1. re: vansmack

                                                    vansmack, I agree that wood or charcoal are better and do impart yet another layer of flavor. And, while Que Rico does not use either, but gas instead, I still think they best most, if not all, DC places (side note, I only got to try El Pollo Rico once before their demise). Their spices/flavors are quite fine and the juciness is extraordinary. But perhaps we are comparing apples and oranges. I am a dark meat guy, not a breast meat guy. I did try the breast meat at Que Rico twice -- one time it was too dry and one time it was fine (not spectacular, but fine).

                                                    Their sauces and fries are king, as well, as compared to the other joints around the greater DC/Balto area.

                                                    All of this being said, it's all good. We're probably splitting hairs anyway. I think it can be said we're all fans of the stuff.

                                      2. I have to admit....I have come to love the variety of Pollo ala Brassa restaurants that has become kind of distinct thing for the DC Area.

                                        I have recently discovered a great new addition with multiple locations and that would be the spinoff of the GUAPO's restaurants. There is one near Potomac Mills.

                                        One thing that makes them unique...to my delight....is UNLIMITED Yellow & Green Sauces. I love EPR....but damnit I hate paying extra for what they should offer at least 2 containers of anyway.

                                        Does anyone have a good recipe for the Green Hot Sauce of El Pollo Rico / SuperPollo etc.?? Some people say its AJI sauce....but as Aji sauce is mild and light green...i don't think that's it. Or is the EPR version of Aji sauce just simpler??

                                        1. Alright Everyone,

                                          You all owe me bigtime. To make the chicken, start by taking the 1/2 chickens and washing them in a bowl of water with fresh lemon juice.


                                          4 tbl. Paprika
                                          6 tbl. Cumin
                                          5 tbl. Garlic powder
                                          3 tbl. Pepper
                                          2 tbl.Salt
                                          1/4 cup White wine
                                          1/4 cup Canola oil

                                          Mix into a paste and using the bowl (empty out water) smear it all over the chicken. Make sure you get some under the skin as well. Then throw it into a zip lock bag and refrigerate for 2-24 hours, no more, no less. Slow cook on the grill with hickory chips if possible. or 300 degrees in oven 2-3 hours depending on size of chicken.

                                          Yellow Sauce: Mayo and Mustard
                                          Green Sauce: Green Tomato, Fresh Jalepeno pepper, onion, minced garlic, salt and pepper. Throw it into a food processor or "magic bullet"

                                          1. Ooops, my bad...

                                            had to check my recipe again...use these measurements

                                            · 1 whole chicken (about 4 pounds)
                                            · 4 tablespoons white vinegar
                                            · 3 tablespoons white wine
                                            · 3 tablespoons canola oil
                                            · 2 1/2 tablespoons garlic powder
                                            · 2 tablespoons paprika
                                            · 1 1/2 tabelspoons cumin
                                            · 2 teaspoons black pepper
                                            · 1 teaspoon salt
                                            · 1 quart cold water


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                                            1. re: Coz

                                              The one that appeared in the FFX county report was basically cumin, garlic, pepper and italian seasoning. I add in some lemon zest and it comes out pretty close.

                                              Thanks for this version - where's it from?

                                              1. re: Dennis S

                                                FYI, someone just pointed me to this recipe that Todd Kliman gave to Men's Health for his best approximation of EPR's chicken as well as their sauces:


                                                1. re: sweth

                                                  Wow! And it's HEALTHY, too! That's always good to hear. I always worry about eating too much salt when I have any of these marinated chickens.

                                            2. The place in Beltsville is now open, Sardi's alla brasa i think is the name. It's on Rte 1. It's clean, very spacious, friendly service, and the chicken is AWESOME. Sides are great. They also run a catering business. You won't be disappointed. I have become a big fan of Peruvian Chicken and make it a regular stop when I am in the area on business.

                                              1. Crisp & Juicy is going to be by far the best choice. Their chicken is great, I don't know what they put on it, but I'm telling you I can't get enough. The "SAUCE" is like crack, I guess they have some kind of secret recepie because I've tried el pollo rico, la granja de oro, and those other nasty places in Wheaton and they don't have this sauce, I mean those other places have their mayo/mustard yellow sauce, and that green sauce, but not like the one at Crisp & Juicy "is The Best.
                                                If you live in Germantown, I heard Crisp & Juicy is going to open another location in Gaithersburg, close to Lake Forest Mall, ( where the Marshalls, and the new Star Buck is). I guess this is going to be better for me because I live in Germantown also.

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                                                1. re: kevcascol

                                                  We're going to Peru soon. In the mean time, we hired a Peruvian paint crew to do our house and the guy in charge brought us a bunch of Gaston Acurio cookbooks to check out and chicken from Crisp & Juicy. If Peruvians eat C&J, that's a good sign, no? The chicken itself is plump and juicy, well seasoned and just a bit spicy (even without the sauces). It's a great tasting chicken for sure (it's the only Peruvian chicken I've had, but I've had lots of rotisserie chickens).

                                                2. Pollo Rico is supposed to be coming to the building that replaced the Anchor Inn but I've heard it might just be opening somewhere in the Wheaton Triangle----in the area down where Marchoni's Italian market is- between Georgia, Viers Mill and the metro......I actually LIVE in Wheaton because of the food------it's International Cuisine heaven, good parking and good prices. Literally dozens of great spots.....The Smithsonian developed a walking tour of the area and it's food and markets it's that impressive.

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                                                  1. re: Pesel

                                                    That is great that you live where the good food is! I hope it is near your work too:) One of the main reasons I didn't want to leave my former job was because of the great places I could go for lunch!

                                                    1. re: Pesel

                                                      There still is a sign up in the window for EPR of the Anchor Inn complex along with Samantha's Bakery & Cafe on another space. But again, try Pollo Sabroso on Ennalls.

                                                    2. Has anyone yet tried the new La Brassa Grill in Germantown? Curious to know how it compares to Crisp and Juicy.

                                                      1. Chicken On The Run in Bethesda is good...I really like their mashed potatoes, too.
                                                        If you get a half chicken, though, make sure you ask them to cut a fresh bird for you, or else they will just give you a half from the warmer-oven. They are always nice when I request a new chicken.

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                                                        1. re: chicken kabob

                                                          I went to Sardis Pollo A La Brasa in Beltsville and what a find.... The chicken was just great and they have this peruvian fried rice called chaufa i havnt seen anywhere else. The SAUCE is just great. The green sauce is combo pepper/ celantro mix its just tasty and hotttt. They also give you a yellow sauce that the owner says is the special sauce. It has tiny pieces of some special pepper from peru. the chicken is just moist... I've been to almost every pollo place around and think this one might be better than EPR. Anyone else been to Sardis? Am I crazy or is this a perfect replacement for EPR?

                                                          1. re: polloeater

                                                            ^^Sounds good. I've never heard of/tried that rice. I'm still a Chicken-on-the-Run person myself. I love their sauces and sides.

                                                            1. re: beauxgoris

                                                              So has anyone tried the new pollo place in bethesda yet?

                                                              1. re: beauxgoris

                                                                The "new pollo place" in Bethesda is the same as your favorite, beauxgoris: Don Pollo is an outpost of Chicken on the Run.

                                                                1. re: MartyL

                                                                  There is also a new Peruvian chicken place on Old Georgetown Rd. in Bethesda called NORKY'S. I have not been yet so I cannot recommend it either way. Has anyone tried it yet???

                                                                  1. re: chicken kabob

                                                                    I've had it twice. I love COTR also, but Norky's delivers which I love! Pretty comparable to COTR except the sides are a little smaller.

                                                                  2. re: MartyL

                                                                    We just tried Don Pollo Monday night. Are you sure they are an outpost of Chicken on The Run? My whole family tought COTR's chicken and dipping sauces were much spicier and tastier. If DP would use the same recipes as COTR, we would go back because it's more convenient for carryout on my way home from work... right now COTR wins.

                                                                    1. re: keithdcil

                                                                      ^^Thanks for the review - We love COTR, so unless the new place is spot on we'll probably still go there (even though the new one is closer to home).

                                                                      1. re: keithdcil

                                                                        Don Pollo is definitely COTR. Same owners, same menu.

                                                                        1. re: AndrewF

                                                                          Still haven't made it there yet. Hopefully this coming week.

                                                                          1. re: beauxgoris

                                                                            I went to NORKY"S in Bethesda (off Old Georgetown Rd.) and I had a great 1/2 chicken w/ good mashed potatos and a more thank decent, very tiny salad side. the chicken was extremely flavorful, moist- and the birds were large. Anxious to try it again to compare if it is consistently good, or I lucked out and got a great bird. I find rotisserie chicken places can often be inconsistent. It was really good last night!

                                                                            1. re: chicken kabob

                                                                              EPR new location looks open. I drove by last night; lit up, balloons at the entrance. Can anyone confirm?

                                                                              1. re: MichelleinMD

                                                                                So we tried the new Pollo place on wisconsin ave. (COTR's sister location) and it was pretty good. The 1/4 chicken (white meat) came with 2 sides and the two sauces for $6 and change. Not bad! Chicken was tender and juicy and the slaw was really good. We'll be back for sure.

                                                                                1. re: MichelleinMD

                                                                                  I was in the new location on Monday night and it is obviously open and doing decent business. A whole chicken with sides is about fourteen dollars and a half about seven and change. I was never in the old Wheaton place but it is distinctly smaller than the EPR in Arlington. The new place doesn't appear to have the chickens on spits, but it all tastes fine.

                                                              2. We were in Silver Spring and wandered into a place called "Sabroso" on Colesville Rd across from the AFI. It bill itself as a "South American Rotisserie Grill" and their roast chicken was pretty good, though I think they're Bolivian. They also had very good roast pork, which they offered as a sample, and the roast beef was very good, too.

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                                                                1. re: indcgirl

                                                                  Still need to check out the new re-opened P.R.

                                                                  1. re: beauxgoris

                                                                    Uh oh, the Maryland Pollo Smackdown has been resurrected over on this other pollo thread--please add your thoughts to the potential candidate list as some serious eating is brewing. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/599575

                                                                2. MPJ,

                                                                  Checkout the string we started on the Wheaton pollo places, including the newest, darkhorse entrant - El Pollo Kiki Riki. (It's located in the same shopping center where EPR used to be, and its next door to Super Chicken Pio Pio.) In my opinion, its worth a try.

                                                                  1. I recently noticed two new chicken places (can't remember their names though.) One in College Park (on Rt. 1, right by UMD) and one in Greenbelt (in the shopping center where K-Mart and Five Guys are.) Anyone tried either of these places?

                                                                    2 Replies
                                                                    1. re: 4X4

                                                                      I've tried the one near the K-Mart a couple of years ago, and it's okay. Is the College Park one in the building that can't seem to keep any bussiness longer then a couple of months?

                                                                      1. re: Mer_Made

                                                                        Yeah, it's on the same strip where South Street Steaks used to be.

                                                                        I like the one in Riverdale, I think called Polo Fiesta. It's on Kenilworth, near the bowling alley.

                                                                    2. This isn't really near you at all, but I can't say enough about El Pollo Ranchero on Rt. 1, in Alexandria VA http://www.yelp.com/biz/el-pollo-ranc...
                                                                      This place is very reasonably priced, and their chicken is delicious. Team that with a side of red beans and rice, and the awesome sauces they give you (green and yellow, can't decide which is my favorite), and you've got yourself one hell of a meal. The steak salad is also good, as is the chicken burrito. I imagine it's all pretty good. I've yet to be dissapointed, and my family has been ordering from there for years.