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Mar 20, 2008 08:36 PM

Here is where I ate in Tokyo

List of some places I tried in Tokyo. If people want to know more, I will respond with more detail.

Le 6eme
Roti(Tokyo Midtown location)
Aburiya Fudo

And some fast food,Mosburger,Lotteria

Might have forgotten a couple.

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  1. We're leaving in 28 days and I'd love to know more about you dining experiences.

    1. report on the kyubei one..

      1. Ok, here is a bit of a summary.

        Panic, Teppanyaki, Roppongi-Overpriced, it is Roppongi and Teppanyaki, both things contribute to that. It is solid, though.

        Suzuran- Noodles, Shibuya- Really good, maybe excellent. I cannot imagine there are more than 2 better shops in Tokyo.

        Le 6eme, French, Ginza- Good, not great, French, very friendly people(uncommonly so)and spoke English well. 1 star Mich, I believe.

        Kyubei-Sushi, Ginza-Consensus seems to be #2 Sushi joint in town. Was very good. Rolls at the end were quite underwhelming though and the miso gave me a week's worth of 3rd degree burns. Some great pieces, some not, simple combos, chef will tweak your order according to your taste.

        Roti(Tokyo Midtown, seems to be much the much better location)-American, Roppongi-Large for Japan servings(not large), solid to good food. Service would be better if performed by chimps who spoke no English or Japanese.

        Isehiro-Yakitori, Ginza-Great chicken, not much else to say. Perfectly cooked, good tasting stuff, lunch is much cheaper(that is common in Tokyo and most large cities with good food).

        Cicada-Spanish/Med, Nishi Azabu-Was ok to good, I was disappointed compared to what I had heard. I would be willing to try again as perhaps my dish selection was not the best.

        Aburiya Fudo-Otomesando, Izakaya-Good food, I didn't find it particularly great and I sampled across the menu. Chicken wings are the one thing I would not skip.


        McD's is probably a better bet than both.

        Overall, Isehiro and Suzuran were the only places I really thought were worth going back to. I was the only Gaijin in pretty much every place, every time I went, except for Roti(my group, only people), Cicada and Panic(Roppongi, always expats, was not my choice, neither was Roti).

        Many places are booked or have weddings or are just randomly closed. It is really annoying to say the least. Wanted to go to Kojyu(Ginza), was closed for the week, at least, it seemed.

        Eat lunch out(if you care about cost and are on holiday with time during the day).
        Kyubei was the best sushi I have had(overall) but enough of the dishes were not great so that I was not blown away. Though I would go back for sushi. There is the other place, Jiro, for sushi that everyone raves about(3 star Mich) so you might try that instead or both and compare. There are threads about it around this board.

        Anything else? I'll check back sometime.

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          I like boiling hot miso soup, a lots of place in Japan I went to had boiling hot miso soup compared to the one in North America. I even have some half hot, half cold miso in North America, but it is always hot in Japan. Kyubei is no difference. Never had lunch at Kyubei but dinner, but my friends who have been to both lunch and dinner, they prefer dinner.

          1. re: trueopinion

            Mosburger disgusting?

            I'll agree with Lotteria being pretty bad. I just don't like the flavors of everything I tried.

            I think Mos is pretty good though, it's definitely a different take on fast food than McDonald's and I like how the regular burger comes with a huge tomato slice and the chili sauce. Add some jalapenos and you're set.

              1. re: carfreeinla

                I always end up there hungover and stick to iced coffee, I'll have to try the shakes next time. Thanks!

              2. re: lost squirrel

                I think Mosburger is disgusting, especially the Mos sauce. I still haven't figured out why people (especially non-Japanese) love it so much.