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Vegan/Vegertarian in San Gabriel Valley

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I want to take a date to a nice vegan/vegetarian resturant in the san gabriel valley area, any suggestions?

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  1. A good date spot would be Fatty's in Eagle Rock. It's a little "posh" for my taste, but it would be nice for a date.


    1. If you are willing to go a bit out of the border of SGV, try Fatty's in Eagle Rock. Here's a link: http://www.fattyscafe.com/

      I love their sloppy joe's and Chai tea.

      1. There's Bean Sprout Cafe in Arcadia and various other Chinese vegetarian places like Vegetarian Wok in San Gabriel.

        1. I just wrote a post on Fresh Paradise. Vegetarian Indian in Chino Hills

          1. I just thought of this-Azeen's Afgahni Restaurant in Old Town Pasadena isn't a vegetarian restaurant but a section of their menu consists of vegetarian dishes. It's a nice space to check out!