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Mar 20, 2008 08:11 PM

Old Towne Orange- lunch tomorrow- where?

Relatives in town, we're going to check out Old Towne Orange. I know there are a lot of places- what's good? I'm thinking delicious sandwiches, maybe soup or salads too. Not really a dinner-type lunch. Thanks!

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  1. The Filling Station, super casual and funky, is popular - at the corner of Glassel and Maple one block north of the circle. Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen just south of the circle for southwest style, Citrus City Caffe, good, Felix on the circle for sorta Cuban, I've found it a bit heavy, Caffe Lucca very near Citrus City, Taco Adobe, one block west of Glassel for good Mexican but tiny and can be really busy at lunch. Best plan is to get down there about 11:00 when most of the shops are open (Cooperwood Artware is a great little gallery type store and antique stores are still abundant though the 'new' is moving in at last!) and wander around! Have fun!

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      Probably too late now, but I second both Gabbi's and Felix's. Loved the food at both places. Felix's has more 'typical' lunch options though, to my knowledge. Watson's Drug Store and Soda Fountain (116 E Chapman Ave) is also fun, but maybe a little 'too' casual?? Has good kitsch value though, and good sandwiches (and fantastic malts too).

    2. It doesn't seem to get mentioned here much but, I had a really nice lunch in this converted 100 yr old church:

      P J's Abbey Restaurant
      182 S Orange St, Orange, CA 92866

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        With the sun coming in the windows at noon it is lovely. The food so so, it has seemed to me; and at night too funereal...even when they used to have they still?

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          OCEllen has the beat!

          It's been years and years, but for a bit we went on a rampage at Papa Hassan's, near Chapman University on Glassell, just off the circle. They had lovely kebabs and hummus. Is it there still or am I way outdated?

          R. Jason Coulston

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            It must be...I've never been...I'd better go!

      2. just wanted to report back that we did go to Orange- beautiful day, nice walking around. We ate at the Filling Station, which was fine, not great. Walked by the Citrus Cafe, maybe will do that sometime, or one of the other places mentioned. Although I'm not sure downtown Orange will require a second trip! Thanks for all the suggestions.

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          Food-wise even a local might agree. What were you hoping for food and otherwise?

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            The next time you stroll, consider strolling into the recently expanded library. They are very kid-friendly - kids' area on the first floor. 2nd floor has a nice local history section. Then stroll out again and you may be ready for a dessert!
            No one's mentioned Rudabagore's down the street (well, actually north) from the Filling Station yet. They have some very unique menu items - very healthy as I recall. And if you like architecture, Old Town has the most densely situated number of "period" housing anywhere. Mostly Craftsman but some Victorian too.

          2. Hands down - Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen is the place!!! I was fortunate enough to be introduced to this gem about six months ago by a friend, and have been back many many times . . . great atmostphere, not a huge place, great service, and if you're lucky enough to meet Gabbi while she's running around cooking and overseeing everything, then you have indeed had a memorable experience!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! (Don't miss the corn cakes - to die for!!!)

            1. Hollingshead's for midwestern dainty sandwiches and beers. possibly hot dog saturdays were they ship in wisconsin brats and other dogs. oh, and of course a wide range of beers.

              Filling station for decent breakfast, salads, and sandwiches and tremendous pies.

              Felix's for big plates of Cuban food.

              Papa Hassan's is all right since you're there. I have soft spot for it, but then again I was only a couple blocks away. Get there falafel sandwich or shwarma you can't miss with either for lunch. Dinner is a little pricier and for some reason the sandwich at lunch are better.

              For chli dogs, it's PCH dogs, great stand serving up Hoffy dogs with a great sauce chili.
              Grab a couple dogs and munch on them under the fluorscent umbrella and you'll think you were at fast-food joint, circa 1950s.

              If you can make it out to Tustin, Pina's Bistro is exceddingly good.