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Mar 20, 2008 08:04 PM

Union Square Farmer's Market--active now?

Are the vendors and activity 'back' by this time of year to get a nice selection of produce and goodies now? As an occasional visitor to the City, I've read how it's most closed up after the holidays but that things start to get active again come spring. So, I'd like to know if locals can tell me if things have picked up there these days.

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  1. I've seen spinach, kale and collards as well as lots of fresh herbs in Brooklyn, so I would guess that there would be a number of vendors in the far bigger Union Square market with new green stuff. Plus there will be a lot of spring plants.

    1. It's important to say that Union Square and most other greemarkets are open all year, and there's always good things to get.

      That said, it's still March, so there's not a lot of new stuff yet. Lots more flowers last weekend, some larger greens at Windfall Farms.

      Maybe the OP could say what s/he's looking for. I wouldn't think that an out-of-town visitor would be looking to get a dozen eggs or pork shoulder, but you can certainly get them now. On the other hand, maple syrup, apples, dried flowers, baked goods, cheese--they're all there now, but they're always there.

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        Plus the wonderful jams and jellies from Berkshire Berries:

        I love a number of their jams and savoury jellies.

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          You can always check Lucy's Greenmarket Report. It's usually updated about once a week, if not more.

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          Thanks to all for the updates, esp the Greenmarket report. I'm not looking for anything in particular, but I might bring home to the burbs some bread and some produce that looks especially fresh which might be hard to get. Will go check it out the next few weekends.

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            Depending on where you are in the 'burbs, take a look here ...

            WPCC --->

        3. I was just there - a mix of winter and spring:

          Lots of apple cider and I had an apple cider donut for breakfast
          Beautiful tulips, hyacinths, easter lilies, daffodils, cherry blossoms, hydrangeas, iris, and more
          The usual meat, cheese, milk, egg vendors
          Berkshire Berries and other jam sellers, lots of baked goods
          Organic wines
          The fish stand
          Apples galore, onions, potatoes, jerusalem artichokes, parsnips
          Some hydroponic lettuces, tomatoes, basil
          Dried Flowers
          Maple syrup

          1. I have always seen a good amount of vendors when I shop there. I only cook a couple times a week and my first stop is the market. The big score days are when I can make an entire meal from the market. I love the fresh seafood and as others have said, Berkshire Berries(my two favorites are jalepeno and red pepper jams). If you like colorful plates recently I found these red and purple carrots. I know there are more vendors some weekends but I have found better quality on Wednesdays.

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              I like those two jellies as well - and the horseradish one is also great. I didn't notice the various colors of carrots today.