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Tana in Pittsburgh (Ethiopian)

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Has anybody been here before? I've been to Abay numerous times and think it's pretty good although I haven't been to other ethiopian spots in major cities (NYC, LA, etc).

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  1. I grabbed some takeout for lunch a few weeks ago. I basically had a veggie sampler and it was pretty good. The green bean dish was unfortunately made from canned, army-green beans!!! If you know Ethiopian you'd probably agree it isn't the best cuisine to-go!
    The restaurant itself is very pleasant. I'd recommend giving it a try. I haven't been to Abay in quite some time - still good?

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      yeah, Abay is still good. The menu doesn't change much, but I haven't had anything bad there. I like the BYOB option. I may hit Tana when they get honey wine (although given Penn's idiotic liquor laws, I'm not holding my breath)

    2. God, I don't know if the other people posting are talking about another place, but the Tana I've been to was terrible. Under-spiced, bland, with poor service. The injera was also too spongy and not sour-dough enough.
      Abay is, in my opinion, by far the superior Ethiopian place.
      Not to mention, the pumpkin sambusas for desert at Abay are heavenly. I'd go there over Tana just for them.

      1. I've now been to Abay at least a dozen times, and Tana 3 or 4 times. I have to say that as excited as I was by the arrival of a second Ethiopean place, Tana is underwhelming. It's just... OK. To me, Abay is simply tastier. That said, I've met people who think that Tana is just right, and Abay is too salty.

        Tana has a liquor license, but they don't use it for anything other than a tiny, boring list of bottled beers and standard liquor. Abay is BYOB, which means that anything that's available at the large state store across the street can land on your table.

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          I have been to Tana a few times this past two weeks, and I know for a fact that they have the Ethiopian honey wine (Tej) that my friends and I enjoyed with our dinner. The food was very tasty and it reminded me of other great ethiopian restaurants I had frequented in NY, DC and LA. I was very impressed with their service and thier genuine expression of concern for the comfort of us.On our first visit we persumed they were BYOB and we took our own wine and they welocmed us. They have a minimal charge for corkage and considering the quality of food and the atrmosphere it was worth the visit. I highly recommend Tana to anyone who is seeking a full service authentic ethiopian restaurant in Pittsburgh. I had been to Abay numereous times although the environment is pleasant they still have not captured the true flavor of Ethiopian cuisine.

        2. Went to Abay tonight for dinner with my cousin and i'd say it was good, not great. The chicken dish we ordered with chicken breast was pretty dry and somewhat on the the bland side. I know you can say I shouldn't have ordered chicken breast when leg was avaialable, but my cousin wanted white meat and I have no objection to it. I actually thought it was a bit pricey for what it was. You only got one piece of injera with dinner and we had to order two more, at $1.50 each. BYO for out two beers was $5, all we got was two cups and a bottle opener. Not that I need someone to pour my beer for me, but I thought $5 was on the high side for two glasses and a bottle opener. My only other experience with Ethiopian has beeen Etete and Queen Makeda in DC, both of which were a little less pricey, better, and give you 6 or 7 rolls of injera which is always more than enough. So overall, good for Pittsburgh, but a distant third to what I've had in DC.