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Mar 20, 2008 06:45 PM

Conventioneers Need Help

I'm part of a group of 4-6 people traveling to a Miami convention on May 3-6. We have a Saturday and Sunday night available, and are staying at the Intercontinental (with a car.) DeVito's was suggested (reservation actually made), but I studied up. Seems very expensive and not worth the price. Thoughts? I'd like for us to be in the $75 per person range, although price is not a huge issue. DeVito's looks like it's easily $125 pp and can go up from there. We'll need some glitz for one night, and our group might expand to as many as 10. We probably favor steak/seafood, Italian or local cuisine. Suggestions? P.S. The alternate for DeVito's needs to be good, or I'll never hear the end of it, as I'm stepping on hallowed ground by involving myself in the restaurant choice.

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  1. Try Quattro on Lincoln Road. Sit outside and enjoy the regional Italian cuisine and wine while admiring the passing throng. Cheaper and more interesting than DeVito's.

    1. I think Casa Tua and also Sardinia if your looking for great Italian.
      Good Eats

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        Agree Sardinia, but I think Casa Tua is very expensive.

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          I love the food at Sardinia but the place, while nice, doesn't have much "glitz" factor.

          1. re: Frodnesor

            It's not about the glitz, It's about the food and the service. I don't go to a restaurant for how much glitz it has.

            1. re: horvath42

              I would agree, but OP said "We'll need some glitz for one night ..."